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Whether you wake up at 7 am or at 12 noon on Sunday morning, aside from eating your breakfast, checking your phone/emails/social media, what do you do in the first 15 minutes after you wake up?


Most people will say I do not do anything else; but do you really wish to count yourself in the list of ‘ the most other people’? Yes, you are not like the most other people, because you know what it means to stand out in life. In short, your morning routine has to be different. Your routine has to be powerful enough to put you in better mood, build stronger relationships, and work smarter.

What should be your first 15 minutes like?

Write. That’s what you have to dedicate your first 15 minutes of Sunday morning for. Hey wait, you do not have to write about anything or everything. You have to adapt to a different writing practice. Let me explain it to you:

  • Start with expressing gratitude: Saying thanks, not just builds healthy relationships, but also signals our mind that we are grateful. No matter, you are in a bad mood or in a tough situation, there has to be atleast one smallest reason for which you are thankful for. It could be any random thing, from wearing new shirt to eating a delicious meal.
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Reason: Studies say that daily practice of expressing gratitude improves physical and mental health.

  • Write like a free bird: Free your mind and let it think about every possible vertical. Write about anything that comes into your mind. Don’t be judgemental or afraid about anything, nobody is going to read this; this is just for you. You can talk about your biggest secret or about some crazy made up story, because like I said ‘write about anything’.

Reason: Research says that writing your thoughts sweeps stress from your mind. 

  • Explore ideas: Make a habit of generating 10 ideas per day. These ideas could relate to anything. It could be about doing come house chore, about a trick to chop veggies, some great idea to start business, or anything. Definitely you will struggle in the beginning for jotting these 10 ideas, but do not quit. You will soon get into the mode and would develop ideas that would help you in your personal and professional life.

Reason: Research says brainstorming ideas stimulates and provides a varied instructional approach. It generates enthusiasm and eagerness and promotes spontaneity & creativity.

These are the three things you have to write about every Sunday morning. It won’t take more than 15 minutes, and soon you would notice a change in your personal and professional life.

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