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The ball is in the candidate’s court today, which indicates that recruiters today are having a tough time in finding the right talent for their organization. Well, I can say this because during a course of time, may be due to my work profile, I got to meet several recruiters, and one thing that was common in all was that it’s really the age of talent and to hunt one is simply not easy.

For a general support to you guys, I consulted few experts and did some research, and here I came up with 3 most workable strategies that can bring you out of this tough situation and hire great talent easily. Have a look:

Work on Candidate Engagement Strategy

If you really want to cut down on the time to hire a talent, then you need a candidate engagement strategy. Instead of waiting for the requirement of the candidate and then start searching, you should invest your time in creating a talent pool before hand. This would not just save your time, but would also cut on the hiring cost, as suggested by some employers.

Let your job postings make an impression

First impression has to be magical- this philosophy Is not just valid for the candidates but for recruiters as well. To mark an impressive impression, you need to work on your job postings. Your job posts should mark a difference in your organization and your competitors’. If done powerfully, half of the battle of attracting talent can be won.

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Don’t let the candidates go easily

Take a record of for the candidates applying for open positions. If you haven’t hired them just because there wasn’t any vacancy does not mean that they aren’t the right pick for the company. Instead, nurture a relationship with them and call them for interviews when there is a vacancy.

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