Women's guide on office wear

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Good appearance, smart dressing, presentable features are something that decides an interview result and provides a job seeker an extra edge in this competitive professional world. If you are a fresher going for your first interview, check out the below mentioned pointers.

Fact: ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’

Myth: Most of us, especially the non-experienced candidates who are yet trying to enter the professional world, have a pre-conceived notion; we all think that as long as we answer well in an interview, nothing else will matter. Skill and knowledge are the keys to success, everything else is secondary.

Fact: Bygone are the days when appearance and manners didn’t have any significance. In the current market, your first impression is the last and the way you look or behave can increase/decrease your chances for getting shortlisted in an interview.

Number of fresher’s job in India is growing and hence is the women participation. India has one of the highest numbers of female workforce deployed at various management and mid-level job positions. Renowned women CEOs of the country, namely, Chandra Kochhar, Indra Nooyi, Aruna Jayanthni, Shikha Sharma, Vinita Bali, Ekta Kapoor etc are responsible for the growth of few top-notch public and private firms. These ladies are not only smart by the brain but by the looks as well. They dress to impress.

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Think of a situation: You are a college girl who is going to have her first interview tomorrow and you are not able to decide what you should wear. A college goer’s wardrobe is filled with jeans, top, t-shirts and other casual dresses. You can’t appear in a rugged jeans and t-shirt for an interview.

Dresses that you wear for professional meetings/interviews reflect your smartness, maturity and attitude; hence it’s extremely important to choose your attire sensibly.

Dresses that are Big NO for Professional Meetings

  • Mini dress or mini-skirts.
  • Casual Jeans or shorts.
  • Choose your undergarments properly. Visible undergarments are a big turn-off for interviewers.
  • Too tight or too-low-waist pants.
  • Casual sneakers or the comfy flip-flops.
  • Deep-cut blouses or a short top that reveals your body.
  • Don’t show off tattoos or body piercing at interviews. Wear dresses that can fully cover those areas.
  • Strong deodorants or perfumes are a big no. It’s important to smell good, but a strong body odor can turn down an interviewer.
  • Don’t dress up in your favorite chick, casual dresses for a job interview.

Dress to Impress

When we look at the current employment scenario, we see a rapid increase in the amount of freshers jobs in India. This increase in jobs has also resulted in cut-throat competition, making it tough for the employers to choose the best. Factors like etiquette, appearance can give you that extra point which you need to crack an interview.

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Plan Accordingly

  • Stick to the basics: A classic interview suit is never out of fashion. A white shirt and trouser are good to go for every business meetings including interviews.
  • Don’t go trendy: Choose attire that is classic, never out of fashion, smart and reflects your professionalism.
  • Shop Wisely: Over spending is not good. Pre-plan your dresses and shop accordingly. Search for quality, not quantity.
  • Makeup: If you are a makeup lover, leave those heavy concealers and fake eyelashes for one day. Choose makeup products that are light and does not create visible layers. Go natural.

Stick with the above-mentioned pointers and nail your first interview. Don’t forget the mantra “Dress to Impress”, but don’t try too hard.

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