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It was never easy for me to leave the bed on a chilly morning. When I was in school, my mother had to put in a lot of effort to get me out. I would always ask her for five more minutes and she would wrap me in her arms and tell me, “What will you gain in five minutes which you could not in the eight hours of sleep. She would further say, “Isn’t the weather cold for the birds, and is it not cold for the sun. But they are all out there Get up baby. Greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it; don’t you remember the rule?”

office, winters


Once she was done saying everything, I would instantly get out of that cozy bed and stand in front of her and shout it loud, “Dear Life. I am ready for the challenges. Mom,have you put on the geyser.” And sitting there she would smile, and ask me to wear the jacket first.

Today I am working in a different city. I stay here alone and I do not have anybody to wake me up except that alarm. And I am successful, almost every morning, to reach office on time. When I hear the loud tune I have chosen on my phone, my mind starts reciting to me,all what that beautiful lady said to me for years. Her hard efforts have helped me arrive to a conclusion that life is all about perfection.There is no scope for any delays.

I learned from her how to derive motivation from the things that exist around me. Even my own body is such complex machinery but look at the alignment. We don’t realize the movement of the earth on its axis, but how accurate it is. When everything around is so perfect, I really do not anymore feel the need to sleep for; extra minutes is a macro figure, I would say not even a second more.

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