Vacations are a chance to shed the load that you carry day in and day out to work. They are a time to soak-in a fresh new perspective on what the world has to offer. They are a time to leave behind the routine and focus on the grandeur of doing nothing, which reminds me of the quote from Doe Zantamata – “Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective”.


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As per the survey findings published on ‘The Corner Office’, a CareerBuilder UK initiative, “63 per cent of full time workers in the UK say they plan to take time away from work, approximately half (48 percent) will enjoy their holiday at home and not in an exotic location.” CareerBuilder India follows suits to understand the holiday preferences of employed people in India. Want to find out what Your Type of Vacation Reveals About You? Take the following quiz to know yourself better. Begin with the Quiz, NOW!


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