Welcome to the New Frontier of Talent Acquisition

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The job of a HR is much more complex than it seems. It’s a role that not just revolves around hiring but there are many more things, a HR needs to handle. From taking care of the employee issues, policies, interviews, resolving matters and so on, they find very little or no time to concentrate on job postings and resume selection. As hiring process is becoming more and more process oriented than ever, HRs are finding themselves struggling to acquire high potential and top-performers. These are some of the reasons many companies are re-evaluating their traditional talent acquisition process.

Welcome to the New Frontier of Talent Acquisition
CareerBuilder – Talent Acquisition

Here mentioned are some of the latest facets of changing talent acquisition process to help them cope up with the difficulties of the whole hiring process:

Ability of Broadcasting Jobs on Various Platforms through a Single Click

Anybody having even a little experience is talent sourcing knows how tiring and time consuming job postings can be. Let’s assume that a recruiter is targeting ten well known database sites for posting a job and it takes minimum of 5 minutes to post it on each of these job sites, if all goes well. Now, do the math.Ten multiplied with five takes at least fifty minutes of recruiter’s time on a single job posting. What if, he/she is dealing with multiple job openings and have to post all of them to the various job sites. It’s going to take a huge amount of time and efforts to accomplish a simple task of job posting (forget about the money which is required to pay to each of these sites).

Broadbean is a product of CareerBuilder, which allows posting a job to multiple websites (approx. 6600+ job boards across the globe) with just few clicks. All you have to do is enter the title, mention the job description, select the jobsites from the list and then click Ok. It is quite easy as it sounds. The job will be broadcasted to all of the selected channels at once saving a lot of time and effort of the recruiter. One needs to have these logins subscribed and inputted once, to do these postings at multiple sites, multiple times.

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A Personalized Pool of Talent

Web based talent acquisition techniques like talent community building, talent mapping and talent sourcing are providing human resource professionals to tap the best of the talentway before they actually need them. Cost—effective Software as a Service solution provided by CareerBuilder have also encouraged many big and small companies to leverage these techniques. The solutions like Talent Network, BDAS (Big Data Analytic Suite ) and CSP (Candidate Sourcing Platform) are providing a way to the employees to maintain a readymade pool of candidates interested in their openings, while reaching out to the most qualified & likely candidates for the open positions


Candidate Engagement

Often, candidates are not even aware of the job openings a company has opened. This mostly happens in case of a passive candidate, where a candidate is not actively checking for the jobs and thus misses out many such opportunities. Even if, a candidate has submitted its resume to a company’s website, the lack of proper candidate engagement functionality makes candidates to lose a good opportunity and employers a good candidate. As per a survey conducted by CareerBuilder almost 75% of the job applicants never hear back from a company. The loss is both sided but it hits a company harder if it’s about a productive workforce because one’s loss is another’s gain.

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Like sales and marketing, recruitment sector too needs to follow a strategic approach to talent acquisition and access the business case to effectively invest in web, SaaS and other such technologies.

Availability of Automatic Engagement with Automated Email alerts functionality effectively fills the gap between employee and employer and helps them both benefit.

The progressive new technologies not just help in advertising jobs, sourcing candidates, saving time and money but are also very effective in increasing the brand awareness and building relationship with the potential employees. The amalgamation of marketing and IT sourcing techniques not just help build interest at applicant side but also benefit the companies to onboard extraordinary talent.


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