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For years, recruiters have been trying hard to find the best fit for their industry. Devising new strategies is one of their concerns when it comes to interviewing. Gone has the time, when interviews were carried out face to face, which was a time consuming process. With the advent of video interviewing, recruiters can now structure their interview process in a faster and efficient way, which is more comfortable for the candidates on the other hand. The infographic takes you to the several hassles which were a part of the traditional interview process and how the hiring managers can make the best use of video interviewing.

Some of the tips for recruiters to make video interview effective:

  • Uploading a welcoming video that will help candidates understand about vacant job positions and company profile.
  • Avoiding background distractions such as phone calls, etc. to ensure a noise-free interview for candidates.
  • Dressing up in a professional way to allow candidates experience a professional touch during the interview process.
  • Looking into the camera would ensure there is direct eye contact with the candidates.
  • Conducting questions of professional touch would allow candidates to express more about their views on situational questions.



Video interviewing hence, not just benefits the recruiters but also candidates who prefer to save their time and money on traveling and believe in expressing themselves on a video. With video interviewing, candidates can also choose to have a convenient time for interview, which adds more peace of mind.

Recruitment industry has come a long way in providing candidates the comfort of interviewing, such as secluded meeting rooms, internet connections in interview rooms and so on. Video interviewing has evolved as the most efficient and convenient platform that allows both recruiters and candidates to find the best fit in the least time.

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