Many in India, and especially women, are exploring unconventional career options; but is it always a good thing to do?

The rewards of seeking your own path are obvious: the joy of doing work you love, the freedom of being your own boss, the deep satisfaction from building something your customers will value. But are the risks worth it?

The most obvious risk is financial. An unconventional career is less likely to yield a stable income, at least at the beginning. Even for dual earning households, disability, divorce, death, or unemployment can suddenly reduce or eliminate the income. Even unconventional careers should make you capable of paying the bills (in a few years, if not right now).

Another risk is failure. What if your business fails, or you can’t find enough freelance work, or you realize you’re not cut out for social work? But at least you’ve learned something, about the industry or about yourself. Such experiences are never a waste of time. And you’ll reduce the risk if you do your research beforehand and give your decision enough time and thought.

More on unconventional career options, and how to evaluate your risk – while this is especially in the context of women making such choices, those questions do apply to men too.

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