Facing trust issues can be difficult for companies, it is the most dreaded situation for people working there. The hiring process especially should be conducted in a manner which ensures trustworthiness as the highest virtue from prospective employees. Good amount of research and asking the right questions is something that can help your case.

But, if one looks at the scenario critically; you will notice that trust is a two-way process. The feeling has to be mutual to build a culture of genuine trust. Employees do not provide ideas to those they don’t trust, because of the belief that they would be mistreated.

The evolution of a company is based on a plane of concrete trust with solid roots. Merely doing work and getting paid is not how one can evolve, the suction pressure of trust is necessary to drive the organization to new heights.

Re-model your company in the following ways to create an ambiance of mutual trust and commitment-

  • Influence more by your actions than your words.
  • Recognize the fact that your beliefs impact others, keep their suggestions and perspective in mind.
  • Work with your ethics intact- love, compassion, integrity, loyalty.
  • Build relationships, especially lasting one.
  • Show competence; do what you have to do. Impeccably.
  • Genuinely understand and want the best for others along with your own.
  • Tell stories which are impactful and boost your culture further.
  • Keep your intent genuine and positive at all times.
  • Give trust before asking for it.
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Go for the trust culture!

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