If finding a job is tough, keeping it and maintaining it is a tougher nut to crack. However, to make yourself so imminent in the company structure that you cannot be replaced is something that takes both time and effort. Once accomplished there is no looking back. Becoming the efficient backbone of the company does not come cheap, you have to work your way through it. Consistency and perseverance are your keywords in accomplishing the best employee motto.

Here are some ways you can attain the hard-earned place by these simple and easy tips-

Always Positive
The quest to become as irreplaceable as possible, employees tend to overdo the niceness. They tend to fake emotions and hence it becomes more superficial than being positive. The perfect way to keep it genuine and authentic is to be yourself. Cultivate some open-mindedness, where you possess the mental faculties to engage into newer things and keep at it. Having a view-point and always keeping your mind open to new things is the first place.

Constant Learning
Employees who want to be perfect are always inquisitive and eager to learn. They want to know more and their thirst for knowledge is never satiated. If you learn, you know more and hence add more to the company. Their ways of knowing and understanding can be very different from all others, as they are always ready with questions no matter at what post they are. They not only try and learn from their seniors, but also from juniors who have a new perspective on things.

One should know all about the industry one is in. Understanding the basics just doesn’t do in becoming the best employee you have to delve into the complexities and be a first mover for everything that happens in your office premises. Joining the right forums, keeping yourself abreast of the industry news, subscribing to the right online journals and being active on social media about anything remotely related to company you work.

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Establishing Relationship
To become irreplaceable, you have to have a certain cool connect with the people you work with. Being all work and no play shall not prove your worth. You have to keep a certain place for yourself in the minds of your coworkers for them to even consider you irreplaceable. Having said that, a hello and hi work well as a starting point in establishing relationships. If there are your coworkers backing you for your work, there would not be a better feeling.

Be Smart Visionary
Every company has some visions and if you become a relevant part of their vision then you become one employee that the company just do without. The top management shall always be happy because you would truly believe in the goals of the company. Be the smart person, who offers changes and looks for solutions, although try not being all over smart or know-it-all, as that could be quite a put off for most employees and managers.

And here ends your guide to being the irreplaceable employee in office! Goodluck

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