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Never say: “I cannot do this.” Or “I do not have bandwidth to do this”!


You might have been suggested this a lot of time for the sake of good impression or getting a promotion. So what does this mean? Does it mean you have to take the pain and do everything? No, in fact, it’s just that you have to play smart and impressively get out of the pool of burden or overloaded work.

Here are some of the scripts you can take inspiration from to smartly step out of the overload.

Saying it to your client:

Has your client given you another task to work upon and expects you to wrap it up quickly & perfectly. Here is how you can handle this situation.

Send a mail similar to this:

Thanks for writing the mail. I have gone through the work that you need me to work upon. However, before I take it up, I would want to discuss upon other projects that I am currently working on for you. Presently the projects that I am working upon for you are:



c)._______ …

If I add this new task to the list then the expected time would be_ _ _ _ plus the cost would increase to _ _ _ _.

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If this is fine with you then please acknowledge this mail so that I can proceed further.

Saying it to your manager:

If your manager has assigned you one more task to your already big list of work, then how do you think you should talk to him? Here is one of the many ways you can try.

You can walk to your manager/ boss or can drop him the mail like:

I have gone through the task and its requirements, and I can handle this surely. However, right now, I have other tasks on priority which are:



c)._______ …

I would like you to review my task list and suggest me which work should I take up on priority. And then, if you suggest I can share new timeline of completing the work.


Saying it to your colleague:

If your colleague has asked for help, but you are already piled up with lots of work, then you can say:

I can surely help you with this, but presently I have to concentrate upon some other tasks to meet deadlines. I can help you with this by tomorrow if it is fine with you.

Hope you understand.

These are some of the better ways to manage your work without saying no to everyone. However, when you do this, always remember to be polite & professional.

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