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Recruiter’s try hard to identify your level of interest in the job, because it’s your interest in the job that can motivate you to work hard and challenge you to work better every passing day. Recruiter’s need to make out whether you are ready to take the job because of your interest or the paycheck they offer.


To identify this, one of the interview questions that recruiters love to ask : “Why do you want to work with us?’ or something similar like “What should we hire you?” To answer such questions is tricky and can make you easily goof up, so you really need to learn how to answer such tricky interview questions.

Well, in this case, your answer should be framed in a manner that can convince the recruiter that you are the one they had been hunting for. The ideal way is to give them more than one reason for why you are an apt candidate selection for the job profile. You have to talk about your ‘Apt Fit’ from multiple aspects like: Professional, Cultural and Personal. Allow me to explain you with few examples below:


How can you be professionally fit for any company?

Your professional skills can help you bag your dream job. You have to talk about the professional skills that can make you take any challenging job and do it proficiently. With your skills set, you have to talk about how you can be of benefit to the company. You have to talk about company’s goals and explain how you can make a difference with your skills.

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While talking to interview like this, you can also show your interest level in company’s goals and your enthusiasm to help the team achieve the set ambitions.
How your personality makes you perfectly fit in company’s culture?

Here is another way to impress the interviewer with your communicating skills. You have to do a bit of homework about company’s culture and it is good to jot down certain points that you have heard or read about the company. Well, doing research about the company would not just help you in answering your interview questions about also make you decide whether you want to make your career with the particular company or not.

When you start researching about the company, you should focus your search on:

  • How renowned is the company in the said industry?
  • How does this company work and what are the industry reviews about its products/services?
  • How customers review this company?
  • What are employees/ or ex-employees reviews about working with the said company?
  • What is the work culture of this company like?
  • What actions does this company take for employee skills development?

You can look up for answers to these questions via Google search, social media profiles of company/ employees, and also via News/PR about company.

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Why does this job personally interest you?

In the last, you can also answer how this job personally fits you. You may talk about feasibility of location, or about your personal interest in the offerings of the company and how you always wanted to be a part of it. Basically, you have to talk about your own reason for why you want that job in a smartly framed way.

Now that you know what how you have to answer this interview question, go ahead and frame an answer that will make you land in your dream job.

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