travel for career

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travel for career


I wish I had traveled more…”

How many of you say no to travel or holidays just because taking leaves from work might affect your career? Well, if you are one of them, then the lines “I wish I had traveled more…” would soon be your words. Well, the reason is that by missing on travel, you are not simply missing on the fun but on several skills too that can make you climb high on the career ladder.

Check out what those are, and stop yourself from stepping in the regretful zone. Here are some skills that travel can gift you?

Communication: Traveling can actually help you brush up your communication skills. While traveling, you get to meet people from different walks of life with whom you have to communicate for random things like ordering food, asking for directions, or exploring the culture. For any career, good communication skills matter a lot, and you can easily develop upon this skill while enjoying traveling.

Cross culture understanding:  Today, people love to step out of their comfort places and step out of their homes to work at a new place. This is why several organizations today have employees from different background & culture. If you travel more, you get to develop an understanding for different cultures and know more stories about different places. This would be an advantage for you to deal with people from different cultures & tradition.

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Time Management: Time never seems to be enough, but one can surely learn to use it efficiently. And to do this traveling is one of the fun-full ways. When you go out, you have got ample of things to do or places to visit, so you can properly learn how to prioritize stuff, set goals, and never miss out on fun element.

Creative Thinking: When you travel, you get to see different things around. This boosts your thinking ability and helps in generating ideas during brain storming sessions. After traveling one gets renewed sense of creativity that’s simply a great thing for any career.

Well, not just this, travel also brings along a great magic in the personal life as well as improve health. According to a study, “Vacations help reduce the cortisol levels, which get female hormones back in sync.”  So, next time whenever you get the chance to travel, never ever say NO.


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