Part Time Jobs in India

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Inflation and recession are the worst enemies of any economy. The expenses keep piling up and most people can hardly find the time or money to meet them. Of course it is slightly easier for the working people who have a steady income to count on, but there are a lot of people who cannot spend 9 hours at a desk. Not only those, but there are also people who just wish to get out of the house. So below you can find a list of part time jobs that are not niggardly when it comes to dolling out the paychecks, in easier terms – these jobs pay well! So whether it’s because you need something to pass the time while making a cash inflow or it is to help you pay those extra bills, part time jobs today pay on hourly basis and that attracts more workers to start with these jobs and make the most of their time.

Part Time Jobs in India

Fitness Instructor

The workforce has begun to be aware of the need of a proper health regime. Health and fitness is actually at the top of the priority list of the workforce today. Hectic schedules and tiring desk jobs have become a common phenomenon and actually leave almost no time for an employee to hit the gym and work out. This brings to fore their need for a private coach or a fitness instructor at the gym, who can help optimize their workout so it can be fitted into a busy day, and also does not over tax them. For those who are looking for a part time job they can start giving fitness lessons and depending upon your experience in the field you might start earning some big bucks.

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This is one of the best professions to earn in the evenings, nights and weekends. Bartenders earn a decent hourly wage, and that is not even counting the tips they get from customers. This job is not only fun and exciting, but also is great for people who like networking. You have a chance to become famous among your regular customers and that just means bigger tips. These professionals earn the most during late nights and weekend shifts.

Travel Agent

This is a job for people who love travelling and want to spread the love for travelling among others as well. Traveling is something that doesn’t have a season and is mostly done all around the year. As a travel agent you need to recognize the best destinations depending on the season and offer great deals on booking tickets to customers. This job also has a high intake through commissions, and can absolutely be done in your spare time.


Use your love of coffee for good and try your hand at becoming a barista at the local coffee shop. Not only does this help you earn some fast cash, whoever can say no to the free coffee every day? This is another job where you have the chance to earn tips. Working as a barista after office hours in the soothing and peaceful atmosphere at the coffee shop is a great opportunity to not just earn, but to wind down as well.

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This is one of the most famous and most common methods to earn some extra money. The thing about being a tutor is that you can even do it besides a normal full time job. Teaching has always been one of the top part time jobs, and if you take it seriously, it can be a great money making business. Apart from paying high hourly wages teaching also has the advantage to scheduling classes as per your convenience. Tutors are in demand owing to the surge in the number of working parents.

So these are the first five of Top Part Time Jobs list. Keep a lookout for the next five!

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