It is overwhelming how one industry that has been there since ages, is still going strong. What is even more interesting is the fact that till date, it does not fall short of providing opportunities. Information Technology in 2013 has opened new gates to careers, both for the fresh graduates and experienced people. It is believed that in the coming years technology is going to create more jobs. Some of the best jobs in IT this year are mentioned as follows:


1. Computer System Analysts: As the name suggests, a Computer System Analyst is a person who has the ability and the brains to dissect the entire structure of a computer system and analyze its components as well as functioning. The major chunk of a computer system analyst’s work comprises being able to identify any core issues that the machinery faces and/or suggesting improvisations, having analyzed the structure of the system.

2. Information Security: Data and information security is one field in IT that has been getting a lot of attention ever since the arrival of knowledge age. For those who are not aware of the term ‘Knowledge Age’, in its simplest, it means an age in which knowledge and data are the heart of every organizational operation. Information is a vital ingredient for the success of an organization. To protect information, an organization requires data/information security experts who are adept with storing, culling, analyzing, encrypting, decrypting, acquiring and dissipating information.

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3. Web Developers: If data is the life and blood of an organization, web-based portals are its nerves. It is through web portals that the interfaces come alive. Web developers give a face to the centralized functioning and management of every organization’s operations. As a web developer you must be proficient in a few skills and languages like Ruby on Rails, PHP as well as HTML.

4. Cloud Computing Specialists: Cloud is taking on in a big way. It is a technology of the present that promises quite an extraordinary future. Without the mention of cloud, discussing the future of IT will be incomplete. As a cloud computing expert what you need to be well versed in include being able to designing, developing a debugging cloud based systems.

5. Mobile Application Developers: Everyone would second that imagining a world without Mobile Application Developers is impossible. With the world going absolutely mobile, the demand for application developers who are adept with mobile platforms is on an all time high. Innovation and creativity holds this industry towards and propels it towards even greater heights.

For those who are neat-freaks when it comes to anything related with information technology (mind you, we don’t mean clean slates, but experts) the professional world is brimming with opportunities.


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