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We meet them, we work with them, we take breaks with them, we laugh with them, we share our personal lives with them and this is how we spend the maximum part of our lives with our colleagues. Some are fussy about work, some are touchy about emotions, some colleagues have a ‘laid-back’ work attitude and some are too enthusiastic towards their work responsibilities whatever the time may be, but does this make them different from the rest? Yes it does.

Every individual is born with certain characteristics and traits – negative and positive, which are carried further everywhere. Whether it is the world outside office or inside workplace, some colleagues are the highlights of every organization. What is different in such colleagues is figured out when we spend some time with them and with some, time does not make a difference at all. They meet you in a way, which is hard to forget.

The best part being with different colleagues is we learn a lot from them. Good or bad, sooner or later, better or best, we learn something unique from the different personalities working with and around us at our workplace. Every organization works at employing hard working employees, but every employee comes with a nature that does not cease his hard working tendency to give work results. The nature, the traits, the USP of every employee only comes as a learning, which must not affect our minds or work. Instead, considering them as a part of the working family, we must all respect every colleague born with a special talent to surprise you with their work, body language, communication skills, attitude, or even just jokes, which are self-created.

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Visualize the top 10 types of colleagues represented beautifully in the infographic and discover these around you at your workplace:

Types Of colleagues

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