Top 10 Companies of 2015 to Work For (Industry Update)

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The Economic Times and the Great Place to Work Institute has recognized the best places to work for in India. The study assessed 700 organizations from over 20 industries from two perspectives.

First, based on the institutes’ research, the employees of the organizations had to answer a comprehensively prepared questionnaire about workplace culture in corporate India. In this, over 1,80,000 employees were surveyed .

Second, using a people practice assessment framework, strength of people related management practices of the organisations was assessed.


  1. Lifestyle International Pvt. Ltd.

Employees: 10,820


Industry: Retail | Clothing


  1. Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd.

Employees: 1,417


Industry: Manufacturing & Production


  1. Accor Hotels India

Employees: 3,690


Industry: Hospitality


  1. Intuit Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.

Employees: 806


Industry: Information Technology | Software


  1. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

Employees 2,228


Industry: Manufacturing & Production | Fast-Moving Consumer Goods


  1. SAP Labs India

Employees: 4,844


Industry: Information Technology


  1. American Express India

Employees: 9,036


Industry: Financial Services & Insurance | Banking/Credit Services


  1. Marriott Hotels India Pvt. Ltd.

Employees: 6,500


Industry: Hospitality | Hotel/Resort


  1. Google India Pvt. Ltd.

Employees: 1678


Industry: Information Technology | Software


  1. RMSI Pvt. Ltd.
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After 2009, RMSI is again the top work place to be a part of.

Employees: 842


Industry: Information Technology

These different companies are from different industries. Now that you know the top companies in your sector, start preparing, check out the career advice and see how you can set your goals to be there.

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