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Being unemployed is one of the most unloved phases of life, which get even worse when despite of hard efforts in job search, one doesn’t see workable results. Here, being unaware (or not knowing the right way to apply for latest jobs online) is the major problem, as in most cases job searchers don’t know what exactly is to be done. Well, the first step to search the job is to apply for it and accentuate on not just how to get noticed but also on the perception on how to outshine as the best applicant. To do this perfectly, here is a compilation of the best job-seeking advice from the expert job consultants.

1. Getting noticed (even before applying for the job) – the preliminary requirement

Getting referred or recommended is the first thing that works to come into notice. So, spend your valuable resources on the potential contacts, who can refer you to the hiring managers of the job that you are looking forward to get into.

Secondly, LinkedIn is the great source to market oneself as the high performer, as the recruiters spend hours on it to search the potential performers. Here, you need two things for personal marketing, i.e. accomplishments & action words and lots of endorsements. (Here you need to be tricky! To get endorsements, start endorsing others, and they would not mind in returning the favor.) Also, you can ask some key people to write a specific LinkedIn recommendation for you.

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Your online portfolio will also market you. Accumulate the best of your sample works (not ignoring to highlight the requirement for particular job profile) for coming up with the winning online job portfolio.

2. Winning resume copy for generating actions

Quantify your accomplishments in the resume and allow the hiring manager to create a picture of the level of work & responsibility you carry. In your resume, you can highlight few bullet points on the percentage of the achieved goals or you can talk about powerful facts & figures which are in your favor.

Transform your resume and let it communicate your creative facet. For example: If you are applying for web designer position, then showcase your skills with creatively designed resume.

Play with the titles for sprinkling magical effectiveness. For instance, instead of writing ‘Proficient in Accounting’ you may say ‘Proficiency in Management of A/R and A/P and Record-keeping’.

3. Hit the bullseye in first impression

When it comes to selecting between two candidates with almost similar qualifications, then hiring managers prefer on the basis of who did the better handshake. Strange? Well, but this actually happens with many, perhaps first impression matters a lot. Eye contact, gentle smile on face, and brief handshake can help mark a good first impression.

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Do not forget to carefully listen the name of the recruiter (it is easy to miss this due to the nervousness). During your conversation, you should use this name atleast twice to show your sincerity and interest in the conversation.

Do you know about mirroring at the interview? It means reactions based on interviewer’s reactions. If the person on the other side of the table is calm and serious, then you need to tame your energy and react accordingly; on the other hand, if the person is high on energy and talking with lively reactions, then mould your reactions accordingly.

4. Acing the interview

Interviewers look up for candidates who would actually care for the company’s growth. You can really nail the interview if you go completely prepared with what company is into. Follow its twitter account, go through the blogs, or go through other online undertakings by the company and smartly weave what you learned during your conversation with the interviewer.

Working upon the ‘pain points‘ is another key to hit the bullseye. Here pain points relate to building connection between the company’s requirements & problems and your own specific skills & accomplishments. Here you need to convincingly tell the hiring manager where the company is lacking and how you can be helpful to the team in making the amendments. (We assure you that doing this will not be easy! But if you need to outshine then taking such pain won’t go in trash.)

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Follow P.I.E rule for conversing to crack the interview. P (positive). I (interested). E (engaged) are the three qualities that interviewers look for during the conversation with the candidates. Its true that it would be difficult to pull off this trifecta specially when you do not know what might be the next question by the interviewer. But still, in difficult situations focus more on giving a thoughtful answer instead of making predictions on what would be the next question and how would you react on it.

These are the perfectly workable tips to get through the job interview. If you have any other advise/tip, then do share in the below comment box.

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