There are a lot of expenses you incur without giving a second thought and these expenses lead to your budget going haywire. Hence, its time you redeem yourself from those extra rupees spent on unneeded lunch and that unfulfilling online shopping experiment. It is a time to be economical and save for the future, rather than spend according to your whims.

Get budget friendly and start planning for better things than just spending in the moment. Here are some tips to guide you through an informed financial-decision making journey.

A Money Alert
Take a minute out of your day to log in into your bank account and have a look at the progression of your expenses and savings. A minute in your day will keep you acquainted with your financial happenings and keep you at par knowing where you stand at the end of every month. This way you can keep a tab on the daily expenditure and control yourself from over-spending.

Setting Up Automatic Tranfers
Because you see the face of money, you get the urge to spend it. If you just don’t see it, you won’t feel the wants driving your spending behavior. Hence, the need to set up automatic transfers for your account becomes imperative. Telling your employer to directly transfer your salary to your account is a great idea. Once you see the money increasing in your account, it shall become an addiction to maintain it a certain amount.

Make a Money Mantra
Your spending activities are to be guided in an economical fashion and the best way to do it, is to make it into a practice. Create a mantra, a personal belief which you believe shall curb your over-spending habits make it a ritual to abide by it. Recognize one money habit that you are guilty of and start off by not pursuing that habit. Write it down somewhere and stick it to your bulletin board or make it the wallpaper of your phone to keep the inspiration on your face.

By following these simple ways you may be curbing your instincts, but in the long run you are building your future.

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