Work goes on, so does life. But a day comes when we feel like getting out of the whole mundane way of things and break away. Mind you, only temporarily. That feeling is called the call for a sabbatical. However, coming to that decision is not easy. Even if you do, there would be questions prodding you at the back of your mind, if you have chosen well or have you given it good thought. There shall also be people giving you a whole lot of advices and sometimes you wouldn’t know where to start from. These tensions are common and can be very much tackled.

Below is a basic primer on starting on your sabbatical journey and being happy about it.

Settle Down
Never eat delve head first into adventures, take it slowly. Look for a place where you always want to be and also a place where you can come back to if you need another sabbatical. Carry out the formalities of living, the rent and allocation in advance so that you have trouble while you are travelling. The first two weeks can be very frustrating, but you will need to calm the senses. Keep certain activities consistent- like taking your daily jog, checking mails, talking to people once a day a particular given point. Try and be like a local living in the space, that would ease the experience.

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Striking off Your Comfort Zone
The idea of a comfort zone is very different to all of us. For some it is just about getting out of your city and for some it could be as challenging as climbing mountains. However, the basic crux is to test yourself and do things which you wouldn’t have had to do, if you were working. Nobody is telling you to eat raw insects or stay at a camp, but you have to constantly be in surrounding which are just not familiar. The whole idea is to explore and having an inkling of that magic within you will make you go beyond the usual.

Manage The Essentials
You might feel home-sick, that is natural. You might also feel you are missing out things like birthdays, anniversaries and other little familial associations. But if you see, the point was exactly to have newer experiences. Although the transition can be difficult, even more so because a sabbatical is definitely longer than a holiday, but you have to find things which immerse you. Find food-joints which might give you the home feel. Go out with newly made friends, plan trips to nearby getaways. Read all your favourite books and write as much as you want. It’s a time to do things you love and hence you might want to do them all when you are on a sabbatical!

Document Your Journey
Click photographs, write about your journey, do daily blog entries or maybe just shoot. Making memories will make the whole journey more splendid.  They are not only proof that you did something different but also shall make you feel happy about where you are while you are still there, inhaling the sabbatical air!

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