It’s Time to Revamp HR Strategy: Recruitment Tips

Every few months the new job opening for the same profile is making the hiring game more challenging for internal recruiters. And I am sure every recruiter would agree with me here. And if you agree with this, than that probably means you too are struggling with the same and in that case You Need To Revamp Your Hiring Strategy. Hold on! Revamping the hiring strategy is no game, and you need to involve the leaders for making shifts. Here I’ll tell you how to do that.

  • Chuck out the irrelevant process

Situation: Do you have to put the candidate on hold just because Mr. X has not yet taken his interview because of his foreign trip? But hold on, does this candidate even need to report to Mr. X, if hired?

Another situation: How much paper work do the candidates have to go through before even getting selected for the job role? Well, chuck out the paperwork that isn’t even necessary to know about until unless you decide the skillset of the candidate matches with the job role.

There isn’t any need to follow such ridiculous procedures. Identify such bottlenecks and chuck them out to keep it more relevant.

  • Prioritize leadership not playground
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Organizations want to give a fun filled workplace to its employees. I have heard and checked videos about companies who are offering a fun time to slide down at work a few time. I would here suggest to keep this not on priority. Before you plan for a play things at work, it is more important to invest in leadership programs. Any employee would not be in favor of having fun on the cost of getting promoted.

Also, in offering a fun filled environment there must not be a compromise of privacy & peace. Anyhow instead of the money invested upon the fun elements, think about mentorship programs and trainings to prepare great leaders.

  • Rethink promotion structure

How do you promote professionals in the company? Is it based on seniority or someone how is good in his job? None is the better option to decide promotions. “Just because someone is very good at sales doesn’t mean they are ideal to run the department. Similarly, having seniority also doesn’t always translate into strong management skills.” To consider promotions, you must always involve employees in discussions to know about their work goals. Based on their goals, you should invest in mentoring them in the similar direction.

Also, if you are still following that minimum time period on certain position or considering hiring date before promoting an employee, then it is surely a time to reconsider the HR strategy.

  • Redefine the way you write job descriptions
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The traditional way of writing job descriptions no more attracts talent. There is no need to write job descriptions with the list of requirements, instead go creative to attract more candidates.

source: Google
  • Offer incentives on employee referrals

Many employee referral programs fail to meet expected results. One of the reasons for this is employees get disheartened when their referrals are rejected. However, to make it work, you can announce monthly gift card of suppose 15000 INR or a super exciting gift. This might encourage people to think about the best fit and suggest the same.

  • Talent wants to accompany talent

If you are looking forward to hire a talent for your company then understand what talent expects from your company too. Like you need talent to take your company ahead, they too need talent to work with. So chuck out the ones already in your company as per the standard that you are looking forward to.

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