CareerBuilder India has dedicated the month of January to resolve to something new. A new job brings with it a new life, comprising of a lot of changes. But how do you know that it is the right time for a switch? The following factors shall help you with it-

No Passion Left
If you have no passion left in your company and if you love the job you do, then you might as well look for a more satisfying company offering the same job. The love for what you do is more crucial, than where you do it. You are ready for a switch if you think you could enhance your skills by being somewhere else.


In a Reverie
You are mostly daydreaming about stuff unrelated to your current job, then its time to leave the job and catch the dreams before you regret not doing them. Dreamcatchers just go for the kill and not roast themselves sitting in a job which just makes them dream.


Dread Mondays
If you spend your Sunday nights cribbing about your work day the next day, then perhaps you need some time to think and change your job. Understandably, there is sadness for the weekend that is leaving you, but the cause shouldn’t necessarily be work all the time.


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Growth Opportunities
If you have been in your job and enjoying it and are happy with what you have, but have not got what you always dreamt about, then there is a need to change your job. Let not complacency kill you, before you realize that you have here without growing much.


Don’t Like the People You Work With
Coworkers and bosses need not be your best friends at office, they should at least be people with whom you can enjoy and be friendly with. They should just be tolerable for you; if that is not the case then you need to think about switching jobs, because the people you work with affect your work.


It’s time to resolve to new!



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