frenemy at work

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Surely it isn’t easy to figure out who is an enemy in disguise. But because it can affect your career majorly, it gets important to figure out that individual and stay away from him. Anyhow, practice always makes a man perfect, so later if not sooner you’ll surely be able to identify if you are surrounded by one. To help you out, here I have mentioned 4 different categories of frenemies, beware if there is one in your team.

frenemy at work

  1. The distractors.

These can be the most amazing and enticing people in your team. I said ‘can be’ not ‘are’ because not every energetic sole is a distractor. Distractors are the ones, who concentrate more in distracting with their amazingness. They might steal your focus away from your work and ride your efforts off track. So, concentrate on your work and remind yourself that your incredibility shouldn’t be at cost.

  1. The Past lovers.

Ok! These are those frenemies, who will not let you walk off your past. To learn a lesson from past experience and making future decisions accordingly is sensible; but setting the past disasters as reminders for not taking a risk again is completely not sensible. And if there is somebody who mostly brings you down by reminding you what bad had happened to you, then it’s time to cut off with him.

  1. The Haters.
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These are the ones who see themselves at top. But if so then how can they be harmful for your career? Well, because they want to be on the top, but hardly want to struggle to reach there. Instead, these people wish to drag others to their level by demotivating or through other means so as to kill the competition. It’s better to stay away from them, or much better is to use them as motivation.

  1. The pleasure lover

Is there anyone in your team who focuses more on parties, drinks and pleasure? Well, it’s good to have friends at work and have fun around but not on the cost of work. There has to be a line defined between fun & work, its better you do so, else you’ll be found struggling & hunting for productivity tips.

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