Team Management Mistakes

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Team management is one of the most essential skills required in a manager. Today is a time when each and every team is full of very varied team members; and efficient team management becomes all about the ability to handle this mixed pot of a team with utmost ease and finesse. Team management skills involve a lot of abilities like internal networking, communication, rewards system, and a lot more, some of them rather obvious, and some of them rather surprising.

Team Management Mistakes

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One aspect of the right kind of team management is to let your team members make their own mistakes. Many people are of the notion that mistakes are an aberration. If we think that we can avoid mistakes completely, we are generally taking the corporate world for granted. No mistakes implies that the state of the corporate world will remain fixed, unchanging. But this world does not deem it proper to oblige to such frivolous expectations.

Mistakes are going to be there, and as a manager you must instill in your team members the freedom to make them. Then instead of taking them as hiccups in operations, treat them as the learning opportunities that they are.

Benefits of making mistakes:

  • Points out something we may have missed
  • Deepens our knowledge
  • Tells us about our skill levels
  • Keep us connected to what works and what doesn’t work
  • Help us to pace ourselves better
  • Can reveal a new insight
  • Can suggest new options we had not considered
  • Show us hidden fault lines in our lives which can lead us to more productive arrangements
  • Point out structural problems
  • Point us in a more creative direction
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Anyway, isn’t it said that a person can learn from their mistakes? Give your team members the freedom to take their own decisions and formulate their own strategies to manage things. Never be afraid to give responsibility to your team – because when you show confidence in their abilities they themselves will feel encouraged to meet your expectations and push themselves to greater heights. Let them make their own mistakes. All you have to do is make sure that they always have your guidance and support. You need to be there to help them learn from their mistakes in case things don’t work out.

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