Suddenly you get out of college thinking to take the world by a storm. Heavens deliver you into a job you have no clue about. The degree course that you studied seems insufficient in the current realm of things, and you are caught in this mess. Tangled beyond repair. The thing is, you have no option but to go on as sulking would just make you lose your job. Hence, get on with the task even if you no nothing about it. There isn’t anything you cant find out in this day and age. Is there?

Enlisted below are ways in which you can handle the stress of not knowing and convert it into accomplishment-

Get the negativity out
Even before you start anything, we just know you are caught in this mess of negativity and you need to get out of it. Self-motivate yourself and become your own mentor. Get the dark cloud of doubt out of your head start on with work. It is important to give your unknown work some head start with a lot of enthusiasm and verve. So, kick the negativity, and try to approach the project with the attitude that you’re going to use the task to gain skills, make new connections, and prove to your boss that you’re up for anything.

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The crucial point is to start-off with the smallest of steps, which would eventually lead to something bigger. As tiny a step as calling up the contact you think might shed some information on the project you are working on, or maybe inviting some people for a conference call to extract some knowledge from them. Structuring your excel sheet, even if that means just defining the minor structure of it.

Track down resources
Things you have no idea about should be approached with caution, because there is are loopholes in which you may fall. So, just to make your work credible and authentic talk to a senior person who would have an upper hand with the amount of experience. They are going to guide you to right track and make you move in the right direction. Once you take the initiative, you’ll typically find that people are willing to help and resources are available. And leaning on that knowledge is a much better alternative than trying to do it all on your own.

Take a leap of faith
Now that you committed to the whole job of setting things right and actually accomplishing the task, do not deter from your path. Make a plan, then a structure and execute. Make sure you are there to complete it till the end. The good part is that on the way you might pick up some great skill sets, which would help you in the long run. The result could be that you would be insanely successful in your project, putting yourself in the top category of people, or you might fail miserably, learning a lot nevertheless. It is a win win situation to look at it.

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