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The Holi celebrations at your office were superb; kudos to you and your team’s efforts. But wait, I hope you did not forget to spread the word against H1N1 flu amidst the festive celebrations. Protecting your workplace, emphasizing proper hygiene and keeping it healthy is one another aspect you must not neglect. And in case it got skipped, here is important piece of information you would need to circulate.

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H1N1 Flu symptoms:

  • High temperature
  • Cough
  • Headaches
  • Chills
  • Sore throat
  • Running nose
  • Stomach ache with vomiting and diarrhoea

Measures to be taken by Staff for Preventing Swine Flu:

  • While sneezing or coughing cover your mouth & nose, and then wash hands thoroughly.
  • Wash hands before or after eating with liquid soap. For drying hands, use hand dryer or disposable towel
  • Keep workstations clean and maintain good personal and environmental hygiene.
  • Have a balanced diet and take out time for regular exercise
  • If anyone develops H1N1 Flu symptoms, then
    • consult doctor promptly
    • wear a surgical mask
    • take rest at home

Measures to be taken by Office Management for Preventing Swine Flu:

  • Make sure that liquid soap, disposable towels or hand dryers are provided in toilets.
  • Maintain a clean and hygienic working environment. Clean and disinfect the furniture and commonly-used equipment like telephones daily
  • Ensure good ventilation
    • Keep air-conditioners well-maintained and wash the dust-filters frequently
    • Switch on wall fan and any circulating or exhaust fan to enhance air movement
    • Windows of office should be opened from time to time for better ventilation, but make sure that window and louver are not located on the same wall
  • If a staff develop influenza-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat and cough, remind him/her to stay at home and consult a doctor immediately
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