Changing the Hiring Policy – How to Identify the Perfect Fit in 2017?

Hiring Policy

We have invaded into the New Year and it is extremely important to learn from the wrong hiring decisions you made last year. Every wrong hire left your company in to losses, which were hard to manage. While, the perfect candidates might not always perform good, HR can still prevent the worse consequences by taking a re-look into their hiring policy, which can turn out to become the right steps in the New Year.

So, how really can you identify the perfect fit in 2017?

Hiring Policy
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Primarily and foremost, the HR needs to clearly define the expectations they have from different job roles. Once those are figured out, it is imperative to evaluate whether a candidate possesses those skills at the time of interview. Last but not the least is the behavioural assessment. To actually judge if the candidate is ideal for the position, you must look for the right traits and avoid candidates who do not meet the ‘perfect fit’ criteria in the interview itself:

1. Perplexed perspective

Most important. Candidates who are low on self-confidence have less chances of knowing about how exactly they have to perform in their new roles. Such candidates turn up with responses like, “I wish I had known that question.”, “I cannot say anything about it.” Look for people who have a clear-vision in what they want to achieve from the role they have chosen for their career and what is the approach they carry towards achievement. In addition, identify if the candidate has a broader perspective or cribs on irrelevant stuff. Ask some non-IQ questions, which can help the hiring managers take the wise decision about the general intelligence of the candidate.

2. Lack of leadership

Leaders are not those who get promoted while working from their desks. They are those who can make things happen, anytime and anywhere despite the challenges, come what may. Look for candidates who hold leadership traits and display a sense of responsibility towards the role they will be offered. Provide them skill tests and assess how many times they seek your assistance. This would uncover how hey tackle with challenges at work- solely or with assistance. This would clean up the chit whether they can be brought on board.

3. Team Building

The company might not be having a sufficient team, however, this must not impact the candidate who has appeared for the same team. The right candidate would have a blend of team building and team managing skills. At this juncture, recruiters must check whether the candidate is good enough to initiate the internal process or requires any training to take that charge.

4. Positive & Happy

A small trait yet important. One can bring a great difference to the organization owing to the attitude s/he carries. Candidates who are always in a complaining mode, do not find happiness in their job roles often vanish from the workplace as soon as they discover a new opportunity. Look out for candidates who have a positive attitude and are already contended with what they have today. Such unique candidates will truly turn out to be the A-players of your organization, who help to create an awesome work culture.

5. Conflict Management

Individuals come from different fields, cultures, and background to work together at one place. Their indifferent natures and attitudes often result in conflicts at workplace. However, the art is to forgive the people who are creating a sense of negativity by rising above that. Hiring managers must look out for this trait in candidates while conducting interviews. They must comprehend that conflicts can happen with anyone, but how one manages and rises above them is essential. Hire those candidates who possess strong conflict management skills and confident enough to stay calm amidst worst events.

It’s high time that HR must take a step back to think and re-strategize its hiring policies, which can make all the difference in the New Year. Mindful hiring means better candidates, productive satisfied employees and a happy workplace.


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5 Must-Have Online HR Analytics Courses

HR Analytics Courses

Executing HR analytics is a significant deal for a lot of organisations and people. Most HR professionals struggle with following questions, especially when companies are now more focused on implementing analytics tools within HR systems.

–    What do I need to know?

–    Where should I start?

–    Which are HR analytics courses worth my effort and time?

Today, HR analytics attracts diverse crowd ranging from data analyst and HR managers to professionals. However, it does not implies that every course is equally impressive for everyone.

Therefore, we bring you 5 HR analytics courses online worth contemplating. Let’s take a look.

HR Analytics Courses

1. An overview to R (Data Science)

Doing HR analytics on excel sheets is not only time consuming but has some significant limitations. “R” is an open source tool for data modelling, statistics, and visualisation. It not only provides the conception capabilities but also empowers HR professionals to use statistical techniques efficiently.

Note – No programming background is needed for this course.

Course Details

The first course is “Try R,” which is available online and is free consisting only seven chapters. “Edx” is one platform offers a little more detailed introduction to R. However, the first lesson at Edx is a free while for subsequent chapters (tutorial) you have to pay a fee.

You can access the course here.

2. People Analytics (University of Pennsylvania)

It is an online course offered by the University of Pennsylvania and delivered by three professors. The course will introduce you to four major elements of People Analytics including – Talent Management, Staffing, Performance evaluation, and collaboration.

Course Details

The course takes total eight hours of study, and it is available for free. There is also access to quizzes and Certificate of Completion by the University.

You can access the course here.

3. Fundamental Principles of Human Resources Management (University of Minnesota)

HR analytics is nearly impossible to understand and implement without some basic knowledge of Human Resource Management (HRM). No matter how expert data analyst you are, if you fail to learn the basics of HRM, then it is hard to make sense of your data and results.

The Carlson School of Management (at the University of Minnesota) offers a course to individuals who require experience in HRM.

Course Details

The course is taught by Professor Budd, which include tests, reading materials and completes with an assignment. Every course takes almost twelve hours to complete.

You can access the course here.

4. Data mining using Weka (University of Waikato)

You do need the programming experience for mining the data. Weka is a clickable and visual interface that let you use the mouse instead of having to write in codes (unlike what we do in R).

Course Details

Weka is a free software and prof. Ian Witten from University of Waikato (New Zealand) explains how it works in a series of practical videos. The first half an hour will deliver a basic introduction to data mining algorithm.

You can register for the course online for free. Although, the course opens within selected months in a year. When you apply for this course, University will also send a certification of participation.

You can access the lectures here.

5. The Analytics Edge (MIT)

MIT offers a course on data analytics termed as “Analytics Edge.” The program is categorized in three different elements of data analysis. The primary focus of the course is R, which will be used throughout the program.

Course Details

The course also entails information about linear optimization, regression analysis, clustering, and decision trees and data visualization. Allison O’Hair and Dimitris Bertsimas along seven other professors and Ph.D. students worked on this program.

If your requirement is to analyze a large set of data, this is the course worth considering.

You can access the course here.

There are several other great courses accessible online on HR analytics. However, these are few of the best worth contemplating by HR professionals.

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3 Facebook Recruiting Apps Can Help You Get the Best Talent

Facebook Recruiting Apps

Excited to know which those Facebook recruiting apps are you can try to fetch the best talent this year?

Facebook Recruiting Apps
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1. Hootsuite

When you want to attract job-seekers on Facebook, you can’t just simply post job openings. Rather, it is essential to post about your company, industry updates, original blogs, and pictures to showcase your fantastic work culture. How does it help? It will make your potential candidates interested and willing to associate with you.

The social recruiting tool also comes with a social listening feature. This helps you know who is mentioning your organization on Facebook. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Entelo Search

This application is noted amongst one of the most powerful social recruiting tools on the market. All you need to do is, fill in your search criteria, and the tool would automatically begin searching the ideal candidates as desired by you. The data will be pulled from both Facebook, as well as, over 50 other online sources.

Remember that your saved searches will be refreshed automatically by the system ensuring that you do not miss on any detail about the potential candidates.

Entelo Search can also help you identify applicants who are ‘Likely to Move’. What more? Try it out.

3. Jobcast

With this social recruiting tool, recruiters can create amazing Facebook career pages, brand their identity, post all job listings and engage the candidates looking for jobs from all over the world.

Hiring managers can even embed their YouTube videos, and help job-seekers know about their company and job role in a much easier way.

Careers pages are more demanded by mobile job-seekers.

Jobcast makes it easier for candidates to look for jobs and employers to view job views without any hassle.

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Hire a Temp – 3 Things to Avoid When Using Staffing Firm

Hire a temp

For several organisations finding relevant talent at the right time remains a huge challenge. Reviewing applications (resumes), interviewing candidates, negotiating salaries and more such tasks take precious time away from an HR team’s existing obligations. It may end up hurting the business in the long run. It is one of the reasons more and more companies partnering with staffing companies. Hence, the decision to hire a temp is prevailing nowadays in almost every business and for every other short term project.

Although, using a staffing firm is not a right option for every business. Additionally, if one is considering working with them to meet the hiring requirements – Here are three essential things that organisation must learn before sealing the deal.

Hire a temp

1. Should I interview potential temp?

An interview does need to happen if decision is made to hire a temp for a short term assignment. For instance, a receptionist is sick and company need someone today as her or his replacement, then conducting an interview of a temp-hire is not practical.

However, if the assignment length is between two and six months, then an interview is a practical approach. Anything less is perhaps wasting time, and the delayed process may mean your preferred candidate could accept another offer.

A word of advice – If you are using the staffing firm for the first time it is advisable to explore the guarantees. Moreover, when organisations hire a temp, they also entitled to ask him or her to resign immediately if they are not meeting the requirements of the job.

2. How are temporary employees rates determined?

The quoted hourly rate is not related to the salary paid to the permanent staff member. The agency passes on the on-cost of employment and their margin. These on-costs include:

  • Payroll tax
  • Employee’s compensation insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Professional indemnity insurance and other insurance costs.

The margin is then added that can vary based on the industry and the market for which recruiting is in the process. It is advisable to ask an agency to break down the rate into these different elements. If an agency fails to do so then hire some other staffing company.

3. How far in advance can I hire a temp?

Eventually, when hiring a temporary employee, timing is very critical. Organisations are accessing a different pool of talent when hiring people for set period compared to permanent staff. The candidates choose to work as independent contractors or freelancers usually are either between returning to the workforce, permanent employment or on working holiday visa.

Hiring the temporary employee implies accessing the limited talent pool at a specific moment in time. Therefore, hiring a temp far in advance is highly unusual and not recommended. Most temporary jobs are filled within a day, and, for senior positions, at most within the week or so.

The decision to hire a temp require lots of thinking and once it is definitive entire focus must shift in finding the best staffing firm.

A Word of Advice

It perhaps takes trial and error to find the right HR outsourcing agency, but once organisation found one that provides excellent service and high-quality workers, stick with it.


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Contract Staffing—How Does It Benefit Corporate Organisations?

Contract Staffing Benefits

Hiring continues to remain a huge challenge for the Indian labour market. While the current economic scenario seems to grow with some much pace, nonetheless the number of graduates outnumbering the many available jobs continues to grow. On the other hand, companies looking to hire the right candidate, often finds it difficult to tap the best possible talent, owing to some reasons.

Another challenge that the Indian recruitment industry faces is to aptly define the size of the workforce as projects often tend to fluctuate. Therefore, keeping this kind of events in mind, companies have begun resorting to temporary or contract hiring via staffing solutions providers.

Of late, the concept of staffing solutions has shot up in India like never before, and several companies are leveraging the power of the same. Companies are either choosing to hire via various staffing solutions or going for a contractual hire. This step is justified keeping in mind that several companies are operating on a shoe-string budget these days.

It goes without saying that contractual hiring has ample benefits, which is why employers choose to opt for the same. Some of the benefits of contractual hiring are explained in the subsequent paragraphs. Let’s take a look:

Contract Staffing Benefits

#1. Reduced hiring risks

One of the biggest benefits of contractual staffing is reduced hiring risks. Budgets are somewhat tight, and organisations need to carry out more work with less money at their disposal. It is important that employees are productive and reliable. So, it’s advisable that companies do opt for contractual hiring and view them as extensive interview opportunities, after which you may extend a full-time employment opportunity to the candidate.

#2. Increased flexibility

The next big advantage of contract staffing is the notion of greater flexibility that companies reap. Contractual Staffing allows the organisation, the proficiency needed for the precise time-frame of a particular job and, save money and workforce sources. Contractual Staffing also makes sense to employ individuals with specialised skills on a project basis.

#3. Access to highly-skilled workers with comprehensive experience

Opting for contractual hire via staffing solutions or any other, it allows employers a substantial access to highly-skilled workers who have good experience in particular domains. Researchers from Bureau of Labour Statistics have revealed that contractual hires are more qualified than others and are more exposed to a diverse range of technologies and business settings. Contractual employees often come up with excellent ideas that can be further implemented to augment the business.

#4. Hire top quality employees

Another major benefit of opting for contractual staffing solutions is acquiring good quality employees for your organization. Most companies should capitalise their expertise in finding the perfect candidate. Their dedicated sourcing and screening enable them to tap the finest job candidate. Since most staffing solutions companies offer temporary contract, temp-to-perm and permanent placement services, you can rely on their assistance.

#5. Businesses opting for contract talent are more financially sound

Individual researches conducted by Lehigh University and the University of Oklahoma have proved that companies choosing to work with contractual talent turn out to be more financially sound than businesses who wants to opt otherwise.  Enterprises that opt for recruitment staffing solutions tend to perform better economically. Reliance on both temporary and part-time labour turned out to be more beneficial and associated with superior financial performance. When a particular skill set is, or expertise is required, obtaining these functionalities through contract employment solutions is a much better option.

This can save companies valuable resources and time, and businesses can focus on activities like training and development of their employees and the overall growth.

#6. Speed up the hiring process

Resorting to staffing solutions companies for recruiting talent helps in improving the overall hiring process. Once organisations opt for HR outsourcing services, they can be assured of being free from cumbersome hiring procedures. Experienced staffing solutions companies have the resources, tools and connections to cater to clients’ needs.

From the above information, it can be concluded that, if companies opt for outsourcing staffing solutions, they can yield substantial benefits in the long term.

With the passage of time, the concept of contract staffing solutions is expanding in the country, and Indian corporates have not only realised this but are all set to leverage the power of the same.

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6 Smart Ways to Save Money on your Next Temp-Hire

temporary employee

It is becoming common to use the staffing agency to hire the temporary employee. At CareerBuilder, we realise that there are several organisations, managers and owners who are new to the process of engaging a recruitment agency in hiring the temp.

Therefore, we decided to put forward our observation in the form of a solution describing 6 smart ways to use the staffing firm for hiring a temporary employee.

Before we get started, let’s define the temp staff – who are often confused with contract or part-time and casual staff.

What is a temporary employee?

Temp staff is typically hired through a third party. They are considered as casual to distinct staff who are directly employed by the organisation on a casual basis.

Contractors are either on the company payroll or hired by the staffing firm for a fixed period. In another case, independent contractors’ also known as contingent workers have their own ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) or company. They invoice the organisation for a defined contractual period.

It is important to know that the employment relationship with the temporary employee lies with the third party (HR outsourcing agency or staffing company).

Intelligent approaches to save money using recruitment agency

temporary employee

Here is how recruiting agencies with polished resume database can help you to save more and increase the likelihoods of reaching the right employee on the first try.

1. Reduce turnover costs

The staffing firms help decrease turnover by screening candidates before even they walk through the door. In several cases, recruiting firms have worked with the candidate on a consultative or temporary basis before. They are staffing specialists to determine whether the prospective employee will be able to mesh with office culture and perform to standards.

2. Save time in the hiring process

The best staffing agencies keep the resumes of thousands of experienced candidates and have a broad network of local professionals. It is the reason, upon seeing the requirements for a position, an agency can deliver the candidate who is a right fit or closer to required job description than you could likely find on your own.

Moreover, they handle the most time-consuming elements of the hiring process including skill testing, initial interview, reference checks and on-boarding. Subsequently, saving the time of wading through a swarm of resumes from unqualified applicants.

3. Help to reduce the overtime

Temporary employees are quite useful when organisation require extra hands-on jobs like filing taxes, publish new marketing material, perform an audit and initiate an IT upgrade. In such busy times, recruitment agencies can help to save money.

They can provide contingent workers who boast the skill sets require to fill the gap. It avoids burning out organisation’s most valuable team members and eliminates the cost of paying overtime to full-time employees.

4. Compensation savings

When using, the staffing agency companies can easily save money and time on temporary employees compensation claims. They can help to save on administrative costs for employees who are seasonal or sporadic.

Moreover, these staffing firms can also assist in reduced compensation deposit. The growth in the temp hires means a decline in a company’s payroll. Therefore reduced premiums means lowers staff compensation deposits. For several organisations, the savings can make a significant difference.

Additionally, in the case of compensation insurance organisation do not have to pay more than what their requirements are at the time.

5. Illness and Time offs

Most of the contracted staffing firms have well-organised large-scale resume database and can immediately provide temporary employees as a replacement when full-time staff call in sick at the last minute.  All the company have to do is to call and tell them what they are looking for. However, this process becomes easier once the organisation have a relationship with a staffing agency.

6. Knowledge and Expertise

Staffing companies have an enormous amount of expertise and experience compared to HR departments of several small businesses. Since recruitment agencies focus on employment, they are always up to date with all of the amendments in employment trends and laws.

To leverage the staffing services entirely, it is imperative for organisations to communicate their goals and requirements to them every step of the way. It will put organisations in the best position to maximise their working relationships with them.

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Top 4 Reasons Organizations Should Outsource Human Resources Functions

HR Outsourcing

Human resources functions have grown exponentially over the past few decades. Especially in the last one and a half decade, technology has substantially reshaped the way HR is perceived as and the way; HR functions are carried out. These days’ companies, regardless their size of operations are choosing to opt for outsourcing HR functions to a considerable extent.

Needless to say that there are ample reasons for businesses to resort to outsourcing HR functions. It has been proven time and again that, sifting through stacks of resumes to find the best possible candidate is indeed a Herculean task. And this is precisely the reason organisations these days are resorting to technologies such as applicant tracking systems (ATSs), social media hiring, employee referrals (SocialReferral) and much more. However, it is not only hiring activities, to which HR’s functions are all limited to. There are ample other things that an organization has to take care of and cater to.

To ensure company runs smoothly and every function is carried out with ease, outsourcing HR functions is always a great idea. There are numerous benefits that an employer can reap by opting HR outsourcing.

Benefits of HR Outsourcing

Some of the benefits of outsourcing HR functions are explained in the paragraphs below. Take a look:

HR Outsourcing
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#1. Curtail down on expenses/save money

The first and the principal reason to opt for HR outsourcing is to curtail down on expenses. It is indeed very expensive to run a full-time HR department where one has to take care of all kinds of HR verticals such as salaries, wages, benefits, tax and other aspects. On the other hand, by opting for HR outsourcing firm, things will become much easier as you will have a team of experts handling everything. The professionals are not only well-trained but equally well-versed in every aspect of HR, and they can get work done in a much better way. All these in turn help in saving a lot of money for the organization.

#2. Focus more on core business activities

Once a company hires a recruitment or a staffing agency to oversee HR functions, needless to say, they have more time to focus on their individual core business. Since the staffing agency will provide you with skilled HR professionals, they will certainly be able to carry out all kinds of HR functions with ease and ensure all HR functions are performed with utmost perfection. The outsourced HR professionals will handle all sorts of work—right from sifting through the stacks of resumes to conducting interviews and managing on-boarding activities.

#3. Minimising legal complications

Every entrepreneur or organization has to abide by the laws of the state where they operate. The bigger the firm, bigger the legal issues they have to handle. Sometimes it becomes a little difficult for the owner of the business to know every nuances and nitty-gritty of law and order. On the other hand, a professional HR person or the individuals working in a HR outsourcing company will have all rules and regulations about workplace at their fingertips. Needless to say this will help businesses to deal with norms and standards in a much better fashion.

#4. Improve the overall hiring process

Staff recruitment is no longer as simple as picking up an individual and filling in the vacancy. Finding the right talent for the right job is a great task indeed. If organization opt for HR outsourcing services, the chances are they will improve upon the overall hiring process. This is because, the main task of scanning, hiring and recruiting will pass on to the hands of experienced professionals and therefore, the recruitment process will automatically become easier, faster and more efficient.

Carrying out the tasks of a HR personnel is not an easy job. With changing times and technological advancements, organisations need to adapt themselves accordingly and embrace new strategies, especially about HR practices. Whether it is advertising for candidates, to screening, interviewing, hiring, recruiting and on-boarding—everything needs to be taken proper care of. For, that even if it is required to opt for HR outsourcing services, one should not deter back.

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Need to Hire? The Good and Bad of using the Staffing Agency

Hiring is harder than ever nowadays. If you need to hire in tech or healthcare, you have probably felt the crunch.

Rather than spend your time exasperating to staff up, why not contract staffing firm that hires every day, all day long, with deep expertise in screening? It is precisely what staffing or HR outsourcing services are.

Here are a few good reasons to use the staffing service, subsequently highlighting the perils of employing the large recruiting companies.

Top benefits of using staffing firm

Img. Src. XTech Staffing

Millions of small, medium and large enterprises use HR consultancies for their hiring and recruiting needs. Whether these organisations are looking to add on temp-to-hire staff, full-time or permanent staff for the long run or the temporary workers for short term assignments – they know that they can benefit from the use of staffing service.

Here are the advantages of using the HR outsourcing to find top talent faster than the competition.

Save Money

Organisations are always searching for ways to cut costs. Using the staffing firm can be one of the means to save more on recruitment because HR consultancy knows how to find the best talent. This, in turn, leads to increasing productivity, which will mean spending less on operational costs.

Better talent, more talent

A staffing agency can develop the ideal candidate profile and easily find the perfect candidates matching the job description. These companies have bigger talent pools and know precisely where to find passive and active candidates in given industry. This way organisation never have to settle for the best of the worst again.

Added Flexibility

Several organisations use the contingent workforce due to the added flexibility. When temp-hire is on board through a staffing agency, a business can slow the production or halt it whenever needed. Organisations can have extra hands when they need them – for unexpected surges in business, maternity leaves, seasonal work, vacation time or sick leaves. Moreover, businesses would not have to deal with downsizing and layoff, either.

Reduced Risk

When staffing company is on board, it apparently reduces the risk of hiring wrong candidates. When organization put in time, money and effort to recruit on their own, there is always a risk of hiring a wrong person. This could mean having to do it all over again and at additional costs.

For instance, when organisations use temp-to-hire services, it not only let them test out a new employee before making a commitment to hire them full time.

Now, let’s discuss the downsides of hiring the large staffing agency

In several areas of business, having the large firms on your side is the good thing. It means having plenty of expertise at work for business and having lots of resources as well. Nevertheless, it is not the case of recruiting and staffing.

Pitching a job to top talent take fineness

“Selling” the job opportunity to top talent is not a cake walk. They want to hear convincing reasons to make a career move. For instance, creative professionals need to comprehend why they were selected and how they add value to a project or business.

Large staffing firms are frequently replacing recruiters within an organization, often have high turnover. Moreover, they have a heavy client load, which makes it challenging to spend enough time speaking and researching with each customer to comprehend their requirements.

Ironically, expert recruiters are as difficult to find as talented candidates. Therefore, client account must be served by an experienced recruiter. Someone who has time and business savvy to successfully present business in a competitive candidate market.

Indirect candidate access

It’s hard to evaluate the individual employee before his or her onboarding. Here organisation must trust that the contracted recruiting firm has researched their background, completed skill assessments and conducted references.

Data Privacy

Often, for an outsourced recruiting agency to provide adequate service, some sensitive information about the business’s inner workings, organisational structure or product information is necessary to disclose to perform better. Whether deliberate or not, in such scenarios, there is always a probability of an information leak.

Before using a recruiting firm, wisely speculate the pros and cons of not just in-house and HR outsourcing services. Also, do a thorough research on employing right staffing firm that can find and deliver better talent within a stipulated time.

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