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The words ‘talent acquisition’ and ‘recruiting’ are usually used together considering the role of a talent acquisition specialist. But, the subtle difference; how many know about it? Even the HR working in small-sized organizations get perplexed with the unique role of a talent acquisition specialist and a recruiter. Here we are with all the theory to help our readers understand the concept better.

Talent Acquisition Specialist and Recruiter – Who are these two?

A recruiter is often focused on filling in a vacant position and once done; moves on to fill in the next one. A Talent acquisition specialist, on the other hand, develops a strategic plan to attract as well as, retain best candidates. The subtle difference lies in the skill to identify the right fit, which the talent acquisition specialist is more honed with.

Talent Acquisition Specialist- A Closer Look

This professional works on the identification of and recruiting the right matches for the company. This comes with some key roles and responsibilities which s/he plays and upholds respectively:

Talent Acquisition Specialist- Key Responsibilities

1. Coordinates with Hiring Team

A talent acquisition specialist works collaboratively with the hiring team to ensure that the requirements of the position are clear. Once he has a good idea of the vacant role, the professional starts conducting candidate assessments. This further ensures that those shortlisted candidates would be able to perform or not.

2. Leads Candidate Sourcing

The TA specialist sources potential candidates through several platforms and mediums ranging from creative job postings to engaging on social media. Moreover, throughout the procedure, the professional strives to develop a healthy relationship with the potential applicants. With creative strategies, the talent acquisition specialist consistently works on sourcing talent.

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3. Candidate Screening, Interviewing & Assessment

One of the key roles of a talent acquisition specialist is to screen candidates through their resumes and cover letters, schedule interviews of the shortlisted and assess them in final interviews. Not only this, but the professional also conducts candidate verification checks by calling up their previous employers and drug tests by medical examination.

4. Works for a Smooth Recruitment Process

For a hassle-free hiring process of candidates, the talent acquisition specialist submits all the paperwork required for hiring new employees and assist the team in the orientation process. Furthermore, they work in close collaboration with the Human Resources department, and during this phase, they ultimately ensure there is no blockage taking place throughout the recruitment journey.

5. Stays in Sync with Latest Hiring Trends

Whether by attending seminars, industry events or networking; a talent acquisition specialist does not leave a scope of mistakes when it comes to being updated with the latest recruitment trends. This is an important task that helps the professional to strategize his recruitment efforts further and drive in A-players from the market.

The Core Skills of Talent Acquisition Specialists

Talent Acquisition Specialists usually offer customer service for potential candidates through their recruitment efforts. Their journey is always challenging, and innovation is something they always need to come up with. Excellence in the field is required. However, there are some critical skills which every aspiring or existing TA specialist must have:

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Core Skills

• Experience in human resources
• Experience in recruiting
• Knowledge of the particular industry
• Proven success record in previous organizations
• Proficiency in MS Office applications

Advanced skills

– Professional certification in Human Resources
– Experience in particular industry
– Experience in complete recruiting cycle
– Knowledge of Applicant Tracking System

While there are employers who do not require all the above-mentioned skills in their talent acquisition specialists, these skills certainly add up to the value of the professional and broaden his or her career options.

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