Everybody would like to be more productive and efficient when it comes to work. Handling the three most essential things at the workplace the right way can help you to actually concentrate on your actual working a lot more. Without a doubt, these three are crucial to the workings of any office. But, most times than not they are misdirected and usually take up a lot of more time than required.


Don’t check email first thing in the morning
Deciding what you list of priorities are very crucial before you start your day. One thing is certain checking mail is not a high-priority task, or a task to complete first thing in the morning except when you know some very important mail awaits your reply. Make a schedule and do your tasks according to priority areas, which need to be clearly defined.

Concise is the key
Writing mails is an art, where minimal is the master. Keeping your mails articulate and to the point shall keep them smooth and easy flowing. When the mails lack clarity and conciseness, there are bound to be replies and counter replies which would in-turn delay the process further.


Social Media

Communicate with people who matter
Focus and analyze where you have been spending your energies on social media and see if they have been giving you rewards for your actions or not. Be it, professional networking or spending time chatting with friends and family. You have seemingly limited amount of energy in a day, if you spend most of it on social media without getting anything substantial in return than it would be counted as energy wasted.

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Let go of the stream
Some people are itching to see everything in their stream. The fear of missing out seems to get to us. But, social media is a platform where you can swim in and out without missing anything if you wish to see it in a certain way. The point remains, interact less engage more and prioritize whom you want to do it with first.



Have a substantial cause
Before you hold a meeting, ask yourself if the subject at hand can be tackled on email or phone. If the answer is yes, then there remains no reason to keep disrupt the daily workflow and call a meeting which would eventually prove not too beneficial after all.

Let not minutes dictate the meeting
Basically, don’t let a social app or a calendar app tell you it is time to wind up or carry on the meeting. The meeting should be taken to a conclusion as soon as the issues are resolved, people are updates or problems are solved. Digressing and looking at other various issues, just because they “came to your” is not the way you should go about it.


Have a productive day!



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