Success has been a way of life for the man the world knows as Bill Gates. Like all great people Gates always believed in changing the world. At the age of 19, he dropped out of college to make a difference in the world. He had nothing to boast of at the time he set out on his mission, which was still undefined. Today there is nothing that he can’t boast of. The wunderkind kept his focus sturdy on the goal. He had dreamt of a big change and he was desperate to achieve it. “Bill sells you the future” – That’s what the world knows today. His success, then, means global success.

Vision Matters: When Gates set out to bring a big change, he had no idea how he was going to proceed. However, he had a vision of the future. He wanted that “Every business and household must have a computer and must run Microsoft software.” There are many who have grown up reading about the success of Gates. He has been an inspiration. Not because he is rich and famous; but because he nurtured his vision right. No household today can imagine not having a computer.

How did the sandy-haired teenage boy manage to make a business tycoon of himself? CareerBuilder India gets you five tips from Gate’s Success Story:

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1. Failures are Important: Gates knows what success feels like. Better still, he knows how to handle failure. Not everyone is good at the latter. Admit it: a small mistake in marketing your product to the client spoils your entire day. The mistake can be easily amended but you do worse under pressure. Failures can make your sore, until you pledge to learn through them. In Gate’s words, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

2. Self-Esteem is Vital: If you have made an enemy in life it means you have seen success. When you set out with big goals and even bigger aspirations, there will be a number of people who will try to pull you down. Your dreams will often be mocked at. The green-eyed will try to crush your hopes. Self-esteem is what will get you through all this. The more of it you have, the better will things get. Gates never allowed anyone to walk over his dreams; neither should you.

3. Every Opportunity Should Be Seized: Gates is of the view that opportunity knocks not more than once. Therefore, it is important that you capture every opportunity before it turns away. The second one can take long enough; and may be till that time your plans have changed.

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4. Trust is the Binding Force: The importance of trust in today’s world has increased manifold. For Gates, trust is an unwritten leadership rule. A new trend that organizations have been fostering their beliefs in is known as ‘psychological contracts’. At least in theory, the business relations based on psychological contracts are solely nurtured on the values of trust and integrity.

5. Success is Just another Milestone: Celebrating success is fine but resting on it can be lethal. Treating success with humility is by far the most valuable lesson that we learn from Gates. Whether you have been promoted to the post of assistant manager in HR or have climbed the corporate ladder to be the CEO of the department, always remember that success is about innovation not greed.

Another thing about Gates is that he has a humongous appetite for hard work. His brain ias at work 24*7, which reflects when he plays the game of Poker. Love for work is exactly why Gates is where he is today.

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