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Once in a couple of years we encounter a company that absolutely wins in presenting its employer value proposition. L’Oréal is one of those companies that consistently have been rated amongst the top brands to work for globally. Whatever it does is so inspiring, and engaging that every entrepreneur today wants to lead by its example. The international cosmetics conglomerate has built out its fan base on social media channels with a simple principle, “Serve the right content, to the right audience, at the right time”, according to Zvi Goldfarb, Head of the Talent Digital Lab at L’Oréal.

CareerBuilder excavated a little deeper into the research and wanted to enlighten our readers what exactly has been the employer value proposition strategies of L’Oréal and what can entrepreneurs adapt from them.

The LinkedIn Campaign

Back in October 2013,

“L’Oreal hit the 300, 000 followership mark on LinkedIn- the professional social media platform.”

To date, 70% of the L’Oreal page followers on LinkedIn, are willing to seek a job opportunity with the brand.

The YouTube Victory

L’Oréal stood as the most successful in finely-tailoring videos on its career channel on You Tube. What is most captivating in over 70 videos launched by L’Oreal is that employees’ range from the CEO to junior-level employees, everyone has shared about what makes them happy at the job and how they combat the challenges. The brand’s YouTube videos for pages namely, “Who we are?”, “What we offer?”, “Talent on Campus” have left a lasting impression on job-seekers. End result, victory in ‘maximum viewership’ and ‘maximum candidate engagement’.

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Career Success on Flipboard

When it comes to building a strong employer value proposition, L’Oreal has seized the opportunity by making the ultimate use of Flipboard – the lifestyle magazine app. The company has created flipboard to reveal L’Oréal’s amazing work culture and latest news about its products. This initiative has indeed brought back an untapped audience towards the brand making it a grand success.

Facts behind Employer Proposition Programs

Several researches have shown that employer proposition programs or we can better understand them as strategies, when executed well can result in tangible advantages.

“According to Society of Human Research Management research, 50% of entrepreneurs who implemented employer proposition strategies experienced a higher profit in overall output.”

Presently, companies are giving out 2% of their payroll budget to fund employer proposition strategies, which include employee recognition as a primary goal of achievement. However, this does not mean companies aspiring to become great brands have to spend too much on employer proposition, all they need to is:

Proposition 1: ‘Broadcast Employee Achievements’

Make public acknowledgement of employees of who outperform. Either post on a bulletin or verbally, but making someone ‘employee of the month’ will go a long way in making employees feel valued. Employer value proposition begins from offering the best deal to the employees, in the form of rewards and benefits.

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Proposition 2: ‘Encourage Change’

Dedicating efforts in bringing out innovation in the company can only be done by taking employees in loop. Ask what they want to change in the work culture. Submit those suggestions as ideas to build upon a better work environment for employees as a value proposition.

Proposition 3: ‘Make the Right Hiring’

From the junior level executives to the managers of the HR team, the entire workforce has to be known as talented. This can only be ensured with the right screening of candidates, asking the right interview questions, giving the right training to new employees, preparing leaders in every time who can impart an office culture, which they wish to have in the organization.

If entrepreneurs want engaged employees, enhanced financial performance, a talented workforce, then strengthening EVP or employer value proposition is vital in attracting and retaining top talent. Whether this concept is new, employers desire to improve their existing EVP, the paramount step is to assess the current proposition.

“In the end, every employer loves to overhear what his employees tell others about their company.”

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