retaining star employee

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All your planning and efforts to bring a star performer onboard are in vain, if he quits. And there are more chances of this happening right now because recruiters are in hunt of talent, no matter active or PASSIVE.

retaining star employee

Before I tell you which signs can hint whether your employees are planning to change, I want to talk about why you should even care about this. Yes, he is working on his tasks perfectly and that would get affected majorly along with your business, but there are other aspects too, because of which you should identify the signs and take necessary actions either to retain that employee or be prepared with the alternatives.

What One Resignation Can Cost You?

  • Time for your existing employees to cover work in the interim
  • Time to find a replacement
  • Money to find replacement
  • Money to train replacement
  • Loss of knowledge
  • Stress & strain on the existing team

So, isn’t this a BIG LOSS?

Let’s be prepared and try to identify the signs that say the employee has plans to quit.

Reduced Productivity:

Neha has been missing deadlines, slacking off lately, and even submitting careless work. There are possibilities that she is disenchanted with the work she is doing and is already formulating an exit plan.

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Formal Dressing:

Fairly casual dressing is allowed at your office, and every body is following the same including Rahul. However for the last two weeks, Rahul is wearing decently creased basic shirt and trouser on random days. Can you guess the reason behind his dressing unusually? There is a possibility that he is in hunt of a new job.

Isolated behavior:

Little odd behavior of Abhishek: taking personal calls frequently at work, talking on phones with mouth covered, or suspicious behavior. This is another hint that he has plans to move on, as he might be in conversation with the potential new employer.

Changed Work Ethics

Earlier Amisha was comfortable with her work schedule and was even punctual to office; however since few weeks she is feeling irritated and complaining about her work load. She is even not working has hard and dedicatedly as she used to be. The work overload can soon be a reason of looking for another job.

Abnormal requests for leaves

Frequent sick leaves by Rishab is another alarming sign. He has been taking sick leaves frequently but he looks perfectly fine is sign of his disengagement. There is a great possibility of him planning to leave the job. She might be using these leaves of the fear that these can go unused.


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Under all such situations, it is the time to work on the solution. You need to schedule a friendly sit down meeting and talk about the possibilities to resolve the problem.

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