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Growing up without listening ‘The Tortoise and The Hare’ story is simply not allowed – at least this seems like, probably because every child is told this story and he is asked to learn how being slow but steady, one can even win over ‘the fastest’. However, this is not all, as in present day’s working culture, in spite of being hardworking, consistent and steady-paced, one fails to emerge as a champion. So, there is a sequel to this story, which is for the professionals, to survive the daily challenges at the work.

Change the perspective:
Before we look at the sequel to the story, at first place, it is important to see the moral of the same story from different perspective. The tortoise won the race with hare not because he was slow and steady, rather he could win it because of his diligence, stoicism, persistence, and discipline, which made him overcome his lack of skills & speed.

Well, being slow & steady today is not sufficient today to attain the goals, so there is much more to it. Scroll down to know what all comprises in this ‘much more’ from ‘the sequel of hare & tortoise story’.

The Sequel:
The nursery timeless classic ends with tortoise winning the race over hare. Here is continuation to the same:
The hare felt bad for his loss and pondered his thoughts to know the reasons for why he lost. He could analyze his mistakes as being over confident, careless, lax, and complacence. After he analyzed, he again went to tortoise and challenged him for another race. The challenge was accepted and race happened. This time, hare won the race, as he ran straight from start to finish without any stoppage on the way.

Now being a professional, what did you learn from this part of story? Is it that being fast, consistent and skillful helps in achieving the goals? True! It’s right! But still story doesn’t end here, and there is more to it.

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This time, after the second race, tortoise realizes that it isn’t easy to win the race with hare, however a good strategy can make him do the impossible. So, with a planned strategy, he goes to the hare and challenges him for another race, but this time on a different route.

The race happened and again learning from his past experience, the hare ran fast without stopping until he found a river between him and finishing line. While he was thinking for how to cross the river, the tortoise came, swam and crossed the river to the finishing line and wins the race.

This part tells how important it is to identify the core competency of the competitor and then change the game by suiting it with one’s own competency.

Story still doesn’t end here:
By now, tortoise and hare have become good friends, and they both agreed that the last race could have been much better. So, this time, they decided to work in a team and race again on the same route; however this time not against each other, but against time. The race started with hare carrying tortoise on his back till the river bank from where tortoise took over and ferried hare across the river after which, hare again carried tortoise to the finishing line.

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The real moral of the story:
Being individually brilliant & having strong competency in specific field is good, however without the team work, and without harnessing the best qualities of others, it is not easy to get the desired end results.

Learning Notes for professionals:
Here is a gist of the moral of the story that corporate professionals need to learn from:

Despite of failures learn to keep going: After the failures, both hare and tortoise did not lose hope and they instead identified the loopholes to overcome their failures. Always remember that under any circumstance, giving up for pursuit to success should be a big NO. With trial and error methods and different strategies, one can win over the toughest situation.

Analyzing who the competitor is: Competitor is not always some another person. You can be your own competitor. The hare and the tortoise just worked upon how to be better than the previous time, likewise, you should work upon making yourself better from every previous day.

Teamwork:The last part of the story clearly tells how teamwork creates the difference. Even the professional basketball player, Michael Jordan has said –

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

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