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Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Listen to all, but do what your heart or mind says?’, well that’s true in all senses, specially when the advice relates to your career. Yes, not all career tips or advice are to be followed, moreover specially when you are a recent graduate and any random expert comes up to give you career advice. Well, here are few of those advice, that you shouldn’t follow, or at least give a second thought before implementing.

To reach success, follow your passion

‘Follow your passion to reach your dreams!’ How many times have you read this or have got this advice? Well, if this time this advice has come to you for your career, then better give a second thought before taking any action on it. The fact is, today, most of the recent grads, in order to first identify their passion and then finding path to walk on it, simply gets out-of-the-way and get lost in another world. However, luckily if you get the dream job then that’s great; but if not then things might get messed up. And then, your cult of passion can enslave you and might take you away from real work satisfaction. So, instead of limiting your proposition, believe in exploring yourself and giving your best. Things would fall well in place.

Pay your focus on just networking

This is another advice, which you ideally shouldn’t follow blindly. It’s true that networking is crucial for recent grads, but paying sole attention on networking is not the key. Moreover, being a recent grad, you won’t even now how to network wisely and from where to build connection, as it’s not just a one day process. So, simply don’t just do networking, instead work upon other platforms as well to build your professional credibility.

Do some embellishing on your CV or Resume

If you are suggested to embellish your resume or CV, then here again you need to think over that. If we go as per dictionary, then embellishing means ‘make (a statement or story) more interesting by adding extra details that are often untrue’ and ideally this is simply a negative thing that you can do to your resume, so stay out of it. Instead, enhancing is what you can consider doing, as its literal meaning is ‘intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of’. So, better understand the thin hair-line and then do anything with your resume.

It is good to send post interview thank you note

Sending personalized thank you notes is a great idea, but only when one has to give that to the aunt who has got you a new year present or the uncle who helped you with some difficult situation. But when it comes to sending such personal thank you notes to the recruiters then that should be controlled. Your note might get dismissed or to the worse, it may get you into negative terms in order to make shameful act of influencing the hiring team.

So, next time if someone gives you any advice, think whether you should follow it or not.


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