Role of Gamification in HR

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To date, progressive HR leaders are looking beyond conventional recruitment tools to source and engage talent. In this context, Gamification is a recent buzzword – everyone talks about, but a handful of people know how to pull the benefits of gamified strategies applied to recruitment.

What exactly is Gamification?

In the non-gaming context, it is an application based on “game-dynamics”, applied to marketing, project management or recruitment fields.

Any sector that relies on engagement will find Gamification an immensely useful tool:

–    It encourages teams overcome particular challenges

–    It can benefit to change the consumer behaviour

–    It can help motivate and engage employees

Simultaneously, it is helpful in recruiting as since distinct stratagems can empower recruiters to drive candidates to compete for certain tasks, test their skills, and typically engage in the recruitment process.

Role of Gamification in HR

How Recruitment Sector Can Benefit from Gamification?

In the eyes of job seekers, a gamified hiring process is the one that makes employers more attractive.

But, use of gamification is not limited to it.

With these techniques hiring managers can construct distinct scenarios absorbed on showcasing particular personality traits that would otherwise be challenging to assess.

It is an excellent opportunity for recruiters to evaluate the complete profile of candidates and help identify their ability to solve a problem, drive innovation and their capacity to perform under pressure, simply by introducing “gaming elements.”

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What type of organizations is perfect user of Gamification?

Organizations that are searching for creative talent with a robust learning orientation is a perfect fit to gamification. Sectors, where competition for talent is enough high or which are suffering from a shortage of skilled candidates, can benefit most from a gamified recruitment process.

5 Ways to Gamify your Recruitment Process

Here are some actions you can take right now to integrate a gamified aspect in your hiring process.

1. Test & Puzzles

It is an inexpensive and relatively effective strategy for acquiring some valuable data throughout the recruitment process. Incorporate multi-person discussion, problem-solving tasks, games, and short tests to help evaluate a candidate’s skill sets.

2. Virtual Job Fairs

Due to the availability of a plethora of tools you can easily create a virtual job fair, seamless for sharing more information about your company culture and various open positions. This will not only assist you to attract quality candidates but also help you to assess their qualification provided design is befittingly engaging.

3. Video-Based Interviews

Tools for video interviews are becoming popular among major brands including, Starbucks. Prepare a script, use a camera and you are all set to evaluate your candidates. It will help you to analyse their real-time actions later that only supplement your hiring decision.

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4. Rewards

Gamification can be an ideal fit if you are running a candidate directed website as a part of your recruitment process. Every time a candidate rates a video, leaves a comment, or perform a different action, you can offer rewards like badges and points to make the procedure more engaging.

Role of Gamification

If you want to spice up your recruitment process, then Gamification is a great ingredient to play with.

Although, it is highly unlikely that such gaming techniques completely replace the conventional recruitment strategies in the future. Additionally, mending the routine practices with gamified experience can be highly rewarding – helping you to attract top candidates, reward and engage talent into your organisation.

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