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Do you have hobbies or interest section in your resume? What all have you mentioned in it? Well, if cooking, reading, etc. is all what is there in it then it is better you refine it.

Recruiters today are interested in knowing how judiciously you utilize your free time for the passion of your life. If you can convey the recruiter that your work is not just nine-to-five job for you then consider a plus mark for yourself.

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Enough of the old resume tips & tricks. It’s time to move ahead with a spark in this tough competition of job hunt. Here is a secret that can really help outshine your resume and help you tell the future employer why he must take you onboard.

It is said that a great picture is worth thousand words, and it is also said that an ideal resume is the one which is crisp & relevant. So, how about the idea of clubbing both and give a creative revival to the resume? Yes, everyone has a story to share, and you have to do that with the creative input with these simple alterations:

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1. Give ‘Logos’ to your ‘Experience’: In your work experience section, logos of the companies can give a more powerful impact instead of just the names. Include the logos of the companies that you have worked for or contributed in any sense related to your job.

2. Story telling is an art for your resume too: Add narration and pictures to represent what you are good at and what you love to do. Think about narrations to talk about the projects you have worked upon and share them with pictorial presentation

Show Your Skills With Icons: It’s perfect that you got the perfect skills to match the job requirement. How about adding relevance and making them stand out high? Well, just add icons in the skills section. It’ll give a great impact.

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