Life is like a Race! If you don’t run fast you will be a BROKEN ANDAA!! No one can forget this epic dialogue from the movie “3 Idiots”.

You have been running since you were 5 years old, and you are running till date. Chances are that you will keep running till you turn 65 years old. Even then you might look for another race, another marathon to keep busy with. School is the starting point of a never-ending pursuit that we all have to, willingly or unwillingly, be a part of, in order to accomplish what we are destined for.

Now look at it from the other side. What do marathons teach you about careers? Ok, let us break it down to a simpler question – what does running teach you about careers? The CareerBuilder India team culls out a few lessons from the racing spree and brings you an interesting perspective on careers.


What Running/Marathon Teaches


This is one of the most ignored lessons of running a marathon. Running is not just an exercise. It is a tandem of both mental and physical health. You have to imbibe discipline and perseverance to keep up your courage. Focus and humbleness will keep you going. But, there is no surety that your practice sessions will make you win.

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Likewise, in an organizational set-up, success is not a guarantee and failure is not a dead-end. In times of victory and defeat, it is the soft-skills you have inculcated that will make you stand apart.

Change Affinity

Every time that you add extra discipline to your running routine, or that extra mile to your run, you are introducing a change in your routine. If you eye success, you have to develop an affinity towards change. The more comfortable you become with alterations, the better are your chances of winning.

This is true in terms of career as well. Whether you work as an Technology, a mobile application developer or a Finance consultant, if you develop a certain comfort level towards change then nothing can stop you from growing at a consistent pace.

Pain Management

It’s likely that a rigorous running schedule wears you out completely, but pain is a part of the game. Until there is some discomfort experienced you aren’t doing it right. A smooth sail is a symbol of no extra effort being put in. You have to push yourself a little further every day to the point you see your efforts paying-off. At every stage of your career as well, you will be required to be your own paramedic, your own chiropractor. Stretching your abilities to wrap up a bit of extra work might be painful in the beginning. Nonetheless, later on, the effort will be healing and rewarding.

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Running teaches you to every small win. Each milestone achieved is significant, whether it is about running half a mile extra or simply running without having to take a break. You promised yourself you will not rest until you have completed two rounds. You did that! Rejoice. Tomorrow you need to make a new promise to yourself and achieve a bigger goal- this is called raising the bar.

Similarly, in the professional world too, every small win needs to be appreciated and celebrated. Keep yourself perked-up and acknowledge the fact that even the most minor contributions that you extend are vital for organizational success. Try to contribute something every single day. That’s what matters – The small things in life.

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