Not all of us are great talkers! We weren’t born with the ability to do some constructive talking; we have eventually built it by various methods. Making conversation is the most difficult step in initialing anything. The more productive the conversation, the more chances of it yielding better results. Conversations matter for long-term relationship building along with many other things.

Here are ways in which you can have fruitful conversations

Increased Attention Span
Listening before you speak is the first step in having a great conversation. Giving your undivided attention to the person speaking will make them listen to you when its your turn to speak. Turn off the TV, keep your phone on the side when somebody is talking and listen to them intently.


Glorifying thyself
People love to talk about themselves. They love to share their experiences of the past and present; including the dreams f the future. They will share the funny thing their friend said, stuff about their family and little nothings from here and there. All they ask is ear to listen to them; sometimes a similar situation at hand can make your recount your experiences too!


Bring It To a Gist
To show that you have been paying attention, you should give the other person a quick recap of the whole talk. This will show that you have been genuinely interested in the conversation. This helps to run the conversation smoothly.

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Give Some Space
Communication requires some ample space to put your thoughts in words and then across to the person. Never interrupt the person talking, unless something very urgent turns up. This could lead to a stop in the flow of thoughts and leads to blocks in the conversation.


Ask Conducive Questions
Questions which can be answered in more than a yes or a no are questions which bring out the best in the other person. Delving deeper is the first step of having a fruitful conversation. Moreover, some matters deserve going back to.

If both the parties apply this pattern, it would make for a great and memorable conversation!



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