The daily slide by slide presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint have lost their sheen, no matter how updated they are. Making presentations has taken a new turn with Prezi- A cloud based presentation and storytelling software for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas.
Why is Prezi better than any other presentation tools?

Zoom Outside the Slide

Prezi offline and online employs a tool palette called ZUI- Zooming User Interface, allowing users to zoom in and out of a particular text or image, thereby making the presentation more visually appealing. The navigational tools connect one element to another and find their way IN the presentation canvas by citing a text then going to a video and finally ending on a picture. They are all a part of the presentation and are connected by frames which are grouped together. Presentations on Prezi are move within defined paths as guided by the creator. Unlike PowerPoint, it is much more comprehensive and intriguing for the viewer.


Work and Save Offline
Prezi Desktop allows Prezi Pro and Edu Pro subscribers to work offline and save their confidential work on their Windows and Macintosh systems. The files are saved in .pez format, with an overwhelming capacity of 50MB. All the benefits of the online version are provided on these versions, provided the version is a licensed one.

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Prezi Share
With Prezi as your primary presentation tool, you can have more than one person editing the presentation. Prezi Collaborate allows upto 10 people who are geographically separated to edit or present presentations in real time. Every person who edits the presentation is shown by a small avatar on the side. This cool feature is available on all versions of Prezi.


The Prezi craze is increasing among the big presenters!
World Economic Forum use Prezi

– Many speakers at TED Conference use Prezi efficiently, including Ted Curator, Chris Anderson

– Used by Oregon State University and Dwight School to impart higher and primary education.

The Guardian (UK) used Prezi to publish a new World Map graphic on their website.

The challenge to present ideas in the most extensive and highly appealing format is solved by this innovative presentation tool. With an easy 5-step online manual to understand Prezi, it is bound to become the next big thing in the presentation world; with corporates rapidly adopting the dynamic approach. With a million new users every month and a presentation being created every second, it’s already making inroads with the masses.

Here’s what Rob Campbell, the founder of PowerPoint had to say about it-

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“A marvelous approach to the visualization of information.”


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