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CareerBuilder Procures Workterra – Brings Post-Hire Solutions On Board!

The news we have in store for our HR readers is the boldest act in the line of acquisitions CareerBuilder has done so far. To diversify its recruitment smarts, CareerBuilder has acquired Workterra, a talent management software organization this September....

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4 in 10 Indian employees believe their boss has room for improvement : Press Release

Noida, August 6,2015 –New research finds that almost 4 in 10 of Indian employees (38 per cent) believe they could do their boss’s job better.In addition, over a quarter of workers (26 per cent) thought that their boss should not be...

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Press Release: University graduates not prepared for the workplace, a CareerBuilder India survey Reveals

INDIA, 27 April 2015 –Despite the fact that 97 per cent of Indian companies plan to hire recent university graduates this year, almost 1 in 4 employers (23 per cent) believe that academic institutions are adequately preparing students for vacant roles...