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Employee relationship management or Employee relations refers to an information system that supports a relationship between an organization and its employees. Fostering good relations with and among employees is of utmost significance as to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization and a  good work culture.

Explained below are some of the leadership behaviors that can ensure employee relation practices:

  1. Selecting the Right Candidates

Bringing the right candidates on board is one of the biggest challenges for the human resources. However, once this is done, making those candidates feel like family is the next step towards fostering human relationships with them. Instead of simply analyzing their skills and work related talents, work towards retaining those employees by providing an inspiring and comfortable work culture, where in they could show their creativity and express themselves in a much better way.

  1. Effective Communication

Effective communication is the key factor in boosting employer employee relations. Employees who feel that they are being heard and their complaints are also being taken seriously, typically have a high morale and of course happier. Effective communication at workplace involves keeping employees always informed about the changes in the company that may affect them and also about performance related stuff. Simple open communications such as weekly or monthly meetings assist in alerting management programs and other issues. Do not forget to ensure that communications are real and relevant.

  1. Make Leadership Available
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An accessible and approachable leader is someone whom everyone looks up to. Employees will be comfortable approaching a leader with their problems and even better when the leader comes up with proper solutions. Lending a patient ear to the problems of your employees is one of the best employee retention practices.

  1. Social Outings

Social outings and organizational events are a great way where the leadership can connect with the employees and build relationships. Many leaders choose to take part in events and other activities to be able to connect with their employees and build a stabilizing relationship.

  1. Employee Forums and Interactive Groups

Employee forums and interactive  groups are also good ways of building good employee relations. Leaders can proactively invite employees to take part in forums and focus groups. Employees not only appreciate but also respond positively when leaders have them hear out. Needless to say that having forums and focus groups are a positive way of nurturing employee relations within an organization.

  1. Company Culture

Every organization has its own culture. And, the existence of a motivating work culture influences employee relations to a great extent. If a company takes to punishment more often, then generally the environment is that of fear and low morale. While on the other hand, if a company embraces the culture of employee recognition and reward, then there’s much positivity in the environment and there exists positive employee relations.

  1. Remuneration
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Remuneration is another major factor influencing the establishment of healthy employee relations. When a company provides employees with industry-standard wages or above industry-standard supported by other perks, employee relations are automatically run more smoothly. Benefits, bonuses and perks also effect employee relations as they tend to make employees feel valued and appreciated.

The Last Words

Maintaining employee relations is a major aspect of any organization. It must be understood that, better the employee relations, better is the work culture and better employee performance. So, the HR must ensure that proper and positive employee relations are maintained in an organization through and through.

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