Be like a pencil

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Have you ever used a pencil? Generally, we all start learning to write with a pencil. But this is not the only role of a pencil, because it has a lot that can inspire you. Pencil plays a very powerful role in our life as it secretly inspires everyone to be successful in every endeavor in life, including your career.

Be like a pencil

Here I can list five crucial qualities of a pencil that you can get inspired from. Check this out:

  • A pencil has potential but it needs a guiding hand.

Like a pencil is capable of creating wonders you too can set examples for others with your inspiring actions and great deeds. However, a pencil always needs a hand to guide it. Likewise, you too must always have a mentor in life. He can be your boss, teacher or a friend, but he must genuinely guide you with your steps. Also, never forget to nurture mentor-mentee relationships to learn the most from this relation.

Watch this video on how to find a mentor; after all it isn’t easy to identify one:


  • Pencil needs sharpener. It suffers to become sharper.

Sharpener is what sharpens the pencil to write beautifully. Skills and experience would act as sharpener for you. You have to keep learning new skills to sharpen your abilities and qualities. You have to learn lesson from each and every experience you get. Doing this would help you make a beautiful move on the toughest roads of your career.

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Watching this video might help you in sharpening your brains:


  • Pencil allows eraser to rub mistakes

Don’t be stubborn like an ink of pen; instead be like a pencil, which allows everyone to rub its mistakes with an eraser. You too should be open for feedbacks and suggestions. If somebody suggests you or corrects you, do not revert with an attitude; instead do ponder them and identify how you can improve yourself on those lines.

This video on art of receiving feedbacks might be of help to you, have a look:


  • It’s not the wooden exterior that matters, but the graphite/lead inside.

Like its graphite inside the pencil that matters and not what the exterior wood looks like, similarly you always have to pay attention towards how beautiful a person you are from inside. To do this, it is must to stay away from the seven deadly sins of workplace (no matter you are an employee or the employer).


  • Pencil always leaves a mark

Your every action should leave a mark like pencil does. It’s like whatever project or assignment you handle, you must give your 100 percent and leave a positive mark that speaks for your hard work & skills. Also, if you ever have to leave your company, you should leave positive marks behind. It’s rightly said that every person wants to enjoy a better career, but not everyone is willing to be that bit better.

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