Your boss handed you a quite a huge project, giving you sole responsibility for its execution and completion on time. However, you seem panicked at the thought. One you have never handled such project before and it is fairly new and challenging for you. Secondly, you don’t think you have the skill set to pull it off.

In a panicked mode, the first instinct is always to decline the offer and recommend a better person you think might be more capable for the job that you are and hence save yourself from some eventual embarrassment. But, before you go up and say a clear no to your boss its time you analyze by way of these questions, what you should do-

But, why did boss ask me?
The supervisor or the manager should be a good person to ask this question to. If the answer is that everyone is being given extra work to pull off a deadline and this just happens to be your share, then you might as well ask for a different task according to your capability. However, it could also be that the boss saw something in your work that he directed you to this project thinking that you are the roadmap for its successful completion. It could be that you might explore newer skills within you while you take up a challenging task. And if boss puts her faith in you, then that should infact be a boost!

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How skilled am I?
Well, for starters you are skilled enough to take it up and you should. Secondly, in case you don’t possess the eminent skill for the project then look for an able team which does. Form it within your office, picking up people who will complement your abilities. So that, your capabilities or the lack of them can be supplemented by somebody who knows what you don’t and together you make the best team possible, It’s all a matter of choice and teams must be chosen wisely. For example- you might have some great ideas and you might be superb at conceptualizing things, you would need to find somebody who can execute them for you. What is needed is a splendid degree of camaraderie to understand each other and the ideas.

Am I timeline bound?
Clients can be very pesky about deadlines that make your boss go on the edge too. It is always best to clear the timeline of the project before you delve into it. Why this is necessary is because you may have to access your skills, capabilities and chances of giving a fine product in the end. If the project is required in a week’s time, then all you’ve got is Google to brush up your skills and get on with it. But, if the project has a timeline of three off months, then you have time to acquire skills, get a team in place. You could that way weigh your chances and decide for yourself. It is very important to come up with a gameplan before you start a particular project. The boss and the supervisor would want to know how you plan to go about it and giving them a refreshing picture always keeps you in their good books.

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