Unfolding the secrets to being a one-off salesperson can be a tough nut. Hard-work is definitely not the sole factor capable of putting the salesman-of-the-year hat on your head. To grab that laurel, you’ll first have to grab your life by its lapels, and put it some damn smart-work.

While you might have your degree, and are sure about the skills and abilities being in place, there is something extra that a sales job requires. For being a sales master you have to wear an incognito halo that subdues your true self and converts you into someone who is able to deliver 24*7. That, or you can rely on the art of diplomacy. Easier said than done, being a marketer is not a cake walk. Below are five tips that you need to drink down to the last drop, to gear up for a energized ride into the periphery of sales:

1. Connectivity: The first step to great Sales is having a good enough network to sell to as well as through. Creating a base where you can sell your skill keeps your efforts buoyant. You do not need to rely on blind-dates when you got someone reliable to spend time and effort on. That said, don’t stick to the old contacts. Try to add at least three new contacts to your networking list every week. Your reachability should be a mixed bag.
2. Amicability: No one likes a puffy-faced, arrogant sales person, who seems bugging on the phone as well as in person. Such a sales professional always comes out as desperate and incapable. It’s tough to sell if you lack the tact. You have to be amicable. Keep the customer first. Trap him into the need-demand-desire theory by soliciting his preferences. And then put your product as a desirable and efficient one in solving the requirements.
3. Persistence: Professional persistence will take you heights you never imagined, in the sales profession. You may fail many times. However, it is persistence that will help you learn from every opportunity that you missed. It will teach you to plan and strategize in a foolproof manner. Each rejection will make you strong enough to stand up again and begin anew. Persistence will be your key to turn innovation into invoices.
4. Observation: To be an outstanding sales person, you need to keep your eyes and ears open. Market is churning out updates and trends 24*7. As hard as it may seem, one has to keep himself abreast with everything. Observe the trends, know what works, what worked and what is most likely to work.
5. Persuasiveness: This goes without saying. You may be the hardest working bloke on planet earth. But your career isn’t taking off unless you develop good persuading skills. Persuasiveness is when you make even the most ridiculous offer sound like a five star deal. If you can do that, you can sell anything. ANYTHING

A recent Forbes article by Erika Andersen, talks about “The Unexpected Secret to Being a Great Salesperson”. The article elaborates a simple yet effective example describing the job of a salesperson. It goes like this : “If you walk into a car dealership and are immediately fastened upon by an extreme extrovert who grabs your hand, claps you on the back, guides you over to a car and begins telling you how great this car is, how much you will love it, that it will make you feel like a kid again…”That’s what a salesperson must deliver – An unforgettable experience for the customer.

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