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Your outfit and personality takes the maximum share from those 1/10th second that recruiters take to make a first impression about you. However, it takes million times more than 1/10 of seconds to decide what to wear for the job interview. Ideally there is no such perfect outfit for job interviews. It completely depends upon company you are going for the interview. So, it is all about wearing the outfit that matches with their dress code, and to figure this out, you need to follow few steps that I have talked about below.

Step 1: Social Media is your cheat sheet

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, every social channel can help you figure dress code of the employees (without making you work hard). Yes, Stalk Them.

Let’s talk about Facebook first:

Facebook. One of the best places where you can stalk the employees. For instance. Check out this page of Accenture in India.

The Accenture team at the event

Posted by Accenture in India on Monday, May 25, 2015

Looking at this picture, I can sense that they wear business casual attire. So, if you have an interview at Accenture, you can get an idea about what to wear for the day.

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Here is another picture from People Matters.


Now, this snap makes me assume that they have a pretty formal dressing culture.

If you are unable to get an idea about attire trend at some company, then you may try to look for the employee who works with the company. You’ll surely get an answer to what to wear. And in worst of situation, if you again get a disheartening result, turn out to Instagram. Look up for both the company pages as well as the employees. Check out this blog on how to land a job via Instagram.

What’s more helpful?

Well, looking into the social profiles of the companies or their employees not just will give you an idea for what to wear at the interview, but much beyond that, which would help you during interview or while taking important decisions.

Step 2: Outfit Test

Unless it’s formal attire, you need to observe certain things while checking out the pictures on social platforms. You always have to take formality one level up (not valid in case of formals). Doing this would not depict a disrespectful attitude or your triviality towards the interview.

For example: If you notice the employees wearing regular jeans & semi-formal attire to the office don’t just copy them & wear regular old jeans and feel its ok. Instead, go for straight fit pants with flats and a basic top with blazers. And men can carry shirts with dark pants & loafers.

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In any case, avoid anything sleeveless, short or clingy, distracting, too bright, or overly trendy even if the company adopts casual attire trend.


Well, once you are done with this, you have the clear idea of what you need to wear on your interview day.


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