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Welcome back to work after a long festive break. So, how does it feel to be back at work after so much of festive celebration and a complete off from work? Well, I am sure the feelings are mutual, and like many others, you too must be thinking on how to cope up with all the work that you took lightly during the festive feel.

Not to worry! Here we are with the 5 most helpful time management apps that would save you and get the work done before the deadlines.

  1. Toggl: Identify which daily activity kills your time the most with this app. Prioritize all your important tasks and get them done on time with the help of Toggl. You may use the basic free version on this app on Apple, Android, and Desktop.
  2. RescueTime: Rescue yourself from the bad habit of spending unnecessary time on unnecessary things. This is again a free app that you may download on your Apple, Android, and Desktop.
  3. ATracker: Track your daily life with ATracker and get the report at the day Just tap on the screen before you start the work and tap when it is done. Your daily reports would be there with you at the day end.
  4. TIME Planner: Easily schedule & track time for both your work & personal activity on Apple. Schedule all your work here, get reminders and even a track record of how well are you meeting the timelines.
  5. My Minutes: Set your goal and assign time to every task with this app. Guess what! If you finish your work on time, then you’ll even get a virtual pat on your back. Isn’t it interesting?
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So, don’t just mess up your work and make the best of these time management apps.

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