When you are a sedentary worker, you know the pace of life and the events that happen in it becomes so monotonous that you often try to find solace in something as useless as gossip (both online and offline). Besides, there are eight hours of work that often stretch into late-evenings. No doubt, everyone is allowed to indulge in a bit of rejuvenation. And undisputedly music is the right way to rejuvenate at work. It is the only escape from the constant yammering that happens in your neighboring cabin. It is the only escape from you own wandering mind.


Believe it or not, there is music for not just a mood but for every work hour. There is music for  laid-back day, for a tightly packed one, for an hour before a board room meeting, and for an hour after the lunch break.

No one knows how it happens but music tunes your senses better for handling a work and work pressure. Don’t those headphones look extremely appealing when there is chaos all around and, too much work waiting in your folder?

Everyone has their workplace ‘hit list’ that comprises some of their fav numbers. Adding these to it can seriously lighten up your day.

  1. Lady Gaga: Her songs have an element of revenge and a pitch of passion. Carrying her powerful voice in your i-pods or mobile phones makes access easier to a power packed performance when you are feeling low. Recommendation from her list would be one of her popular tracks ‘Just Dance’.
  2. Eminem: Great for those who like to be expressive, Eminem often does the trick when one wants to shift focus from negativity to work. Yes, you can’t put it on the loudspeaker for the lack of decorum in the music, but no one will stop you from enjoying the freedom of speech in your ears. ‘No Love’ by Eminem and L’il’ Wayne is a must in your list.
  3. Gotye: A melodious voice and extremely profound lyrics submerged in the magical tunes bringing you back to your senses – no one does it better than Gotye. If you haven’t experiences his ‘Smokes and Mirrors’ at work, its time you add one to your list today.
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For those who want to go easy on their ear drums, opt for hit songs from the 80s. Billy Joel and The Bangles will surely create a place for themselves in your music devices.



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