It’s a great fad that all employees are motivated by a hefty paycheck, although not much of it is true. Managerial principles tell us that this one motivator makes up for everything else. This conventional wisdom sums up to be tragically wrong sometimes. So, what is it that acts as a motivator if it’s not money?

Here are four things which are considered as the real motivator and are not remotely related to money-

Fairness: If the employee is convinced that he is being paid a reasonable amount for his work, he would never be concerned about what he is being paid. What concerns these employees is fairness in the workplace.

Autonomy: Employees like to do their work the way they like. They like to define the how and when of it. They feel more secure when they have the reins of their work in their hands.

Adroitness: What concerns them is how to master the craft. They like to be appreciated by the ones they hold in respect. It increases their self-esteem in great ways. They like to grow beyond the peers who do the same kind of work.

Larger Picture: These employees like to change the larger picture of things rather than just changing the company scenario around them. They like to conjure up a positive change in people. They work towards a certain happy change they want see around them.

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What motivates people more than money is beating the competition around them. They like to be the first ones to do every great thing. They like to be recorded in the company records than be given extra pay for their work.

Such employees work towards the overall growth of the company than just their personal growth. Their individual goals go way above materialistic value of money, power or fame.

And it is mostly nice to get out of the way of such employees!

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