You spent mind-boggling amount of time preparing for interviews, deciding what to wear, learning everything about the company, coming up with your own intelligent question to ask our recruiters. Moreover, you have bored your friends to pieces in trying them to take your mock interview.

And we you step inside the company premises, you find your nerves jumping and your stomach doing gymnastics inside you. Before you know it, you are sweating, shifting too much and showcasing the worst thing ever- wrong body language. Being too anxious can kill you and hence if you go like this, it sure will. To calm your nerve and to give yourself a better interview prep, you might as well try these efficient tricks which will make you clinch that one cool job.

Be excited, not anxious
There is a very thin line which defines anxiety and excitedness. Both happen to be states of agitation, and in both states the mind remains in a pumped up mode. However, while anxiety is all about negative emotions, excitedness is not. It is all about moving yourself to the other line while you can. How is the question, which has a pretty simple answer? By telling yourself you are excited, you tend to be excited and not anxious. Studies have shown if you tell yourself this, then it is easy to flow into a calmer state in the real interview than it is to move from a anxious state to a calm state.

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Read it Right
Job interviewees have this thing of reading everything about the company, right from its founder to the newest marketing strategy. However, reading and re-reading the same boring material will not take you any closer to crack that interview. You got to read right. Read fiction, read positive fiction. According to a study, people who read fiction, believe and act like the protagonist of their reading. Surrounding yourself with these positive characters makes you too full of power just like them. What happens during the interview is that you exuberate just the way they characters do in the novel or the reading, making you feel all too empowering.

Not Too Self- Critical
When you read through your resume, line by line make sure you write down the thought which pass through your mind while you are doing so. Categorize these thoughts into positive, negative or neutral. Most of you would have negative thoughts about your present resume, which is just natural because you want to tackle all the negative criticism in your mind before the interviewer says it and you want to be ready with a good answer.

However, these negative thoughts have the potency of be carried to a dark world of excessive self-depreciating which can break your self-esteem to the greatest of levels. It can thus lead to you being irrationally negative about your own capabilities, which is definitely not a good trait to possess.

Make sure you put them all right, before you go for that interview!

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