Microsoft’s Over LinkedIn- Impact on HR

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The recruitment industry has always witnessed something new to its domain. If we open the recent pages, Microsoft, the leading organization for the cloud-first world made one of the biggest moves in its history by investing over $26 billion to acquire LinkedIn this week.

LinkedIn, the social networking website that connects millions of world’s professionals to make them more successful and backs off the way organizations hunt, interview and hire candidates has emerged as a solid business for endeavors. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella by making an all-cash transaction demonstrated its everlasting keynote, “empowering every individual and organization on earth to accomplish more”. Under the terms and conditions of LinkedIn acquisition, the social media network will continue to maintain its distinguished brand, independence and culture.

At CareerBuilder, we always enlighten our readers about the latest industry trends. Let’s today acquaint you with the impact of LinkedIn acquisition on HR.

Microsoft’s Over LinkedIn- Impact on HR
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1. Efficient Utilization of LinkedIn Data

The entire data enclosed with LinkedIn on firms, as well as, employees can be transformed into a useful knowledge resource for the recruitment industry.

Just like Facebook procured WhatsApp for its data, Microsoft is on the same track. Nadella by offering its Cortana digital access to LinkedIn data can turn out to be highly useful for HR leaders to find the right skills of candidates, conduct interviews, and access to all the information regarding a potential candidate. Cortana is a Siri-like assistant tool that can pave the way for HRs to foster emotional, as well as, professional connect with job-seekers.

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2. Active Usage of Microsoft Services

Microsoft by integrating with LinkedIn data will now be able to provide superior services. This will fall in place once the Microsoft’s tools namely CRM, HRMs, Skype, online interviewing tool and others will begin running. Nadella’s unparalleled view to offer a one-stop platform with software solutions will broaden the HR processes.

3. A Widespread Competition

What about the leaders in the HRMS space? The latest acquisition will certainly give a solid competition to the existing players in the industry – Oracle Taleo, Cornerstone on Demand and IBM Kenexa to name a few. By integrating with LinkedIn data, talent management leaders can make better talent decisions by creating a profile for individuals, as well as, for companies. Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition will not only boost the HR technology presence across the social network but will benefit to other recruiters seeking the most efficient platform to hire.

LinkedIn, the platform that has long been valued for its exponential growth as a professional social network and software-as-a-service business witnessed a slight downfall of late. However, with the rethinking part remained under process, the news of this acquisition made LinkedIn again in the headlines. What more? New or existing, with Microsoft integrating with LinkedIn, users will have more reasons to visit the website all the more frequently.

With more organizations in India willing to increase their investments in technology, it is poised that the trending HR tools including applicant tracking system, career site, database management system, performance management system, all will become the vital need of small to big-sized enterprises in the times to come.  The tech HR space is stretching its roots at a prompt pace. With new developments and innovations, the recruitment industry can certainly envision a successful future for itself with enhanced hiring practices, better hiring tools, and countable results.

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